It's Over?

 I live in NJ.  As of March 7th students and teacher will no longer be required in wear masks in school.  The same will be true in MA at the end of the month. In nearby NY, the indoor mask mandate for business will end.  Is it over?

It's not over.  It may be waning, but it's not over.

I'll admit I don't know how I feel about this.  I still go into stores wearing a mask.  Sometimes it seems like the whole place is masked and other times it's like I am the only one there with face covered.  I want to get rid of the mask, I truly do. (Despite the fact that I have a basket full of cloth masks that are double layered along with packets of disposable masks.)   I have gone without a mask.  For that time in the summer when it seemed okay to do so and all was fine.  At a concert where staff was masked but 99% of the audience wasn't.  (And I ended up with a cold; not Covid.  Makes me think I should have worn a mask.)

We've had Covid in this house.  It was our Christmas "present".  My husband and I had been boosted; my son had not yet and he went out to a party and...Well you can figure out the rest.  There was no Christmas with my parents last year.  I didn't go see them until December 31st and I wore a mask the whole I time I was there.  I've done the Covid dance.  It wasn't fun.  (Thanks to vaccinations and a weaker strain, it wasn't horrible either.)

So I am over Covid.  But it's not over.

Yes, the numbers are down.  There were 2329 new cases in my state yesterday.  There were 226,782 new cases in the country as of yesterday.  Covid is not over.

Covid is not over.  My mother who is elderly (she'll hate me for saying that) and has health/immunity issues (she'll hate me for saying that too), was vaccinated last March.  Both she and my father had mobility issues and rarely leave their house; neither of them have been boosted yet.  They have very few people in their house and their live in caregiver has been vaccinated and wears a mask every time she goes out.  My mother had not been feeling well and on Tuesday called her doctor.  He had her go the ER.  They of course tested for Covid.  She was positive.

Covid is not over.

Maybe you don't have to wear a mask any more.  Maybe you don't want to wear a mask any more.  Whether you do or don't; just know that Covid isn't over.

Covid isn't over.


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