An Important Holiday

 You are probably aware that Monday is a holiday; President’s Day.  So banks will be closed.  There will be no mail delivery. My son is off from school.  I don't have to work (however I probably WILL).  However, I have been informed that today is a GLOBAL holiday.  Today, February 18th is Global Drink Wine Day.

Thank goodness for social media or I might have missed this.  I actually DID miss an earlier holiday.  Wednesday was International Syrah Day.  (I'm not a Syrah drinker so it's okay that I missed it.  Although I don't suppose I would turn down a glass if I had been offered.)

It turns out there are quite a few wine related holidays that I had no idea about.  Thanks to the internet I now know (and can share with you):  

  • March 3rd – National Mulled Wine Day 
  • March 13th – International Riesling Day
  • April 17th – International Malbec Day
  • May 6th – International Sauvignon Blanc Day
  • May 9th – National Moscato Day
  • May 25th – National Wine Day
  • May 26th – Chardonnay Day
  • June 11th – National Rosé Day
  • June 18th – Drink Chenin Blanc Day
  • June 21st – World Lambrusco Day
  • August 13th – International Prosecco Day
  • August 18th – Pinot Noir Day
  • September 1st – Cabernet Day
  • September 16th – International Grenache Day
  • November 10th – International Tempranillo Day
  • November 16th – National Zinfandel Day
  • December 31st – National Champagne Day

I DID NOT make these up.  I found them on  (Maybe they made them up.  Maybe they didn't?)  If nothing else it's a good excuse to try some new wine.  While I enjoy a glass of wine (notice I didn't say good because good is in the taste buds of the drinker), I'm certainly not a connoisseur.  I tend to like wines that are fruity (aka sweet) and I prefer a screw top over a cork.  (It's just easier.  Especially when I am traveling with a bottle.  And yes, when I go away I frequently bring my own bottle to enjoy).  I've had my share of boxed wine.  (Which also travels well...except for that one box of Barefoot Riesling that somehow sprung a leak.  Messy and I ended up storing wine in a glass juice bottle and plastic container which is no way to store wine. []  However, when I reported it to Barefoot, they were kind enough to send me a check to cover the cost.  It's a darned shame that I cannot order directly from them, but there's that silly NJ law: I like my wine, but I am no Adrian Carsini (Google it!)...though it might have been interesting to share a bottle with him.  (If that were possible.)  

 Any way, it being a Friday, I will certainly pour myself a glass (or two) of red (from a box!) to enjoy over dinner.  I had a glass (or two) with my dinner last night...and that consisted of burgers and onion rings from B.K.  (If that doesn't tell you about my tastes nothing else will.)  And I may try to experiment with new wines on their appointed day.  (Although what do I do if I end up buying a bottle of, for argument's sake, Chenin Blanc, and HATE it?  I don't want to waste money; even if I do tend to buy the cheap stuff.  Is it cool ask around and find a friend who might like it and "gift" and open bottle?  I'd be up front about the reasoning.  Thoughts?)

 With that said, I won't be able to celebrate National Mulled Wine Day, or even worse International Riesling Day.  (When it comes to white I tend to gravitate to Riesling.) 

Why?  Well they fall within the season of Lent and traditionally I give up alcohol (and my beloved chocolate) for those LONG 40+ days (and nights).  Although I have in the past allowed myself "cheat" days.  (Mostly because I cannot make it through The Fest For Beatles Fans without an adult beverage [or more likely beverages] and the east coast fest ALWAYS falls within the Lenten season.)  What will I do this year?  Place your bets now.  (Take into consideration that my son's musical opens right after Lent and the hard working parent volunteers inevitably go out after at least one of the shows.)

 If you can, enjoy Global Drink Wine Day.  If you can't, I hope you are able to enjoy a long holiday weekend, as Monday is President's Day.

 Have a safe one; have a good one.


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