Too Many Tricks...Not Enough Treats

 I love Halloween.  I love decorating the house inside and out (although my son takes care of the outside for the most part these days).  I love seeing all the kids come by (although there have been less and less over the years.)  Unfortunately this past Halloween was fully of tricks (just tricks; nothing tragic) and not enough treats.

The "fun" started on Friday.  It was a busy work day as I tried to wrap up the month end.  I had a lot of loose ends and people weren't getting back to me with information, which was really frustrating.  I'm very OCD about getting things finalized on the last day of the month, even though I always have a couple of days into the new month to get everything cleared away.

Friday night my son went out to a friends and came home with his hair dyed jet black.  Now, he had talked about this before, but I didn't think he was going to do it.  As a matter of fact, he had asked me about it and I said I didn't think it was a good idea and he said that he didn't think he was going to do it.  I should have known something was up when he stopped at Walgreens on his way to the friend's house.  (Although he still claims that he didn't buy anything there and the friend happened to have the dye at his house...which may be true, but it is still a little suspect.)  It also explains why he didn't want a ride home from me that night even though it was pouring out.  (He did get a ride from another friend's father.)  So when he got home it was dark and I couldn't really tell what had happened until my husband turned on the light.

Now, in fairness to him (and since I've had some time to cool down), it IS his hair.  It WILL grow out.  (His hair grows really fast and I just paid for him to get a haircut a week or so ago.)  We have always said that if he wants to dye his hair, paint his nails or do any kind of makeup, it's ok.  (We're not ok with body piercing or tattoos.)  I also have to say the friend did a good job.

With that said, we are coming up on the holidays and I was hoping to take some family photos and while black hair isn't the end of the world, it isn't what I was planning on.  I know, first world problems right?  

He had also decided to dress up as a vampire for Halloween.  He "needed" a cape and I had one that he decided to use...without asking. (It had been hanging unused in the basement for several years.) I didn't mind him using it, nor did I mind the addition he made to the cape (he sewed the hood down and added a new hook to keep it closed) as he pointed out the work would be easily reversible.  What I did mind is that he just did all of this without asking my permission.  It was a relatively expensive item (which I have only worn once) that was purchased specifically for Civil War reenacting.  His lack of thought and consideration really had me upset (and somewhat angry).

While the two of us were upset for most of Saturday, we managed to (for the most part) resolve the issue and when we headed to church on Sunday I had him drive.  (Yes, he has his permit now and that's a whole other blog post that I have yet to write.)  He was doing quite well, but at one point, I thought he hit the curb or a pothole.  And shortly thereafter the "tire pressure low" light came on.  I told him to keep going to church and he managed to get into the lot and park without any issue.  (The parking lot can be a challenge, but we were there nearly an hour early.)  When I got out of the car it was obvious which tire had low pressure (rear passenger.)  It wasn't as flat as a pancake, but it was pretty close.

Definitely not a treat for a Halloween.  However, the good thing is that the church is right around the corner from a Mavis Tire  shop and they ARE open on Sunday.  I also had the presence of mind to call them.  They said they were incredibly busy (figures), but they would give me a "reservation."  I told them I was at church and would be there between 11 and 11:30.  

Immediately following the service, I scooted out to the car and found a pair of sneakers that I always keep in the back.  (Or almost always...and I'm going to have to make sure that I ALWAY do).  I knew my son and I were going to have to walk home and I really didn't want to do it in heels.  My son started walking and I slowly made my way around to Mavis.  (My son and I both got there at the same time.)  The place was crowded, but since I had a "reservation" they said that they would get to my car before they closed (5 pm).  Before I left they did a quick visual of my tire and there appeared to be a tear/gash in it which meant a new tire was necessary.  Sigh.

My son and I walked home.  Four hours later I walked back and picked it up.  No one ever wants to spend money on an unexpected car repair, but if I had to (and I HAD to), I was glad that I was able to get it taken care of that day.  (Plus I got some walking in.)

With all these tricks, there were some treats on Halloween.  We had some very cute kids come by.  They seemed more interested in the lawn decorations than the actual treats, which was kind of nice.  We don't have the most spectacular decoration (most are made by my son or repurposed) and it was sweet to see how in awe they were.  Also worth noting is that we always give out no edible treats ("finger" pens; spider rings, etc.) as well as candy.  This was the first year that our "guests" seemed more interested those than the candy.  (And we had M&Ms!)  Will this be a new trend?

One final treat (or maybe it's really a trick), I had most of our house (inside) "de-Halloweened" before I took my son to school (7:10) and most of the outside done before eight.  I'd say we are at 85%.  Hopefully the tricks are over and it's time to prepare for the treats of Thanksgiving.  (It's only 24 days away!)


  1. I feel your pain on the tire. Katy did exactly the same thing (hit a curb, flattened a tire) not once, but twice: once on the kids' car when she had her permit, once on my car when she borrowed it because Michael had the other car.


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