Making the Best of It

There's the old saying:  when life hands you the lemon, make lemonade.  Or when life hands you lemons pull out the tequila and start making margaritas.  (I think I'd rather go for the later, but I'm not a big lemon fan...I'd rather go for a strawberry margarita!) Either is good advice in my book. 

Or maybe if you are a David Lynch fan, you'll find that gold shovel to dig yourself out of the shit.  Where is Dr. Amp when I need him?  I need several gold shovels to dig my way out!  Yes, things in my world have started to pile on and it feels like the shit is making its way up past my knees and may be at my waist!  (That's a lot of shit!)

My point is when life starts to go a little "wonky" in my world (and believe me it's gone from heaven to hell recently), I'm TRYING to take the attitude that even with the stress and strain, you can find a ray of sunshine.  That’s when you NEED to find a ray of sunshine or anything that can lift you up, even if just for a little time.

With that in mind, I give you:

I took these this morning because I KNEW I needed to find something to soothe my soul.  This is what I was able to find today.  This won't be my view every day, but I can find SOMETHING.

No matter how bad things seem to be or are, the sun does come up every morning and bring a new day.  That day might be better than the might be worse.  But it is a new day and it holds possibilities.  It also holds challenges.  But I can face them (and so can you) when I take a moment or two to appreciate what is around me.  It's not going to make the bad go away, but it can help make my life a little less stressful, even if it's only a temporary fix.  Any peace is better than none.

When the stress is overwhelming, remind yourself to walk away for a moment.  Remind yourself that you deserve a moment of calm.  Remind yourself that you NEED a break...otherwise you WILL break.  And you need to stay strong because life is going to throw shit at you.  But finding moments of calm and peace can help you get through.  And we NEED to get through.


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