November 30th

 It is the last day of the month of November.  How did we get here?  Seriously!  For me this month has been a hodge podge of bizarre days that have merged into one massive blob of hours.  How did I get here?

Now the end of the year is always a crazy time.  (I know we still have a month to go...and that's frightening.)  It's the busiest time for work, busiest time for church events (and volunteering for them)...I've been running in so many directions this month I can't believe it's all over.  (The month that is.)

So what did I DO this month?

  1. I voted.  Yes it was different (   but that didn't make it any less important.  (Especially on the governor level where it was unclear for a while who would be the governor for the next 4 years.  And how about the "truck driver" who bested the long time NJ State Senator while spending next to nothing to do it?  Don't ever say your vote doesn't count people!)
  2.  My family went on a three and a half day vacaton to Skytop where the foilage was amazing.  (We really lucked out.)  My son and I hiked nearly 10 miles one day (something I will NOT do again) and were treated to some of the most beautiful scenery. 

    We ate (A LOT) of delicious food.  And, of course, we laughed
  3. I stayed with my father while my mother was in the hospital to help out all while working remotely.  (Dad was amazing at staying out of my way...not easy in a small house.)  I cooked dinner and learned how to make an great butter steak.  (I need to find this cut of meat up in my neck of the woods because I did a pretty darned good job...I'm betting it's going to be expensive, but these days what isn't?)
  4. I got my J&J booster shot and my flu the same time.  With the emergance of Omicron, I'm happy that I did.  (Just when you think that your moving in the right direction, in comes another varient.  PLEASE put those masks back on and be safe.)
  5. I went back to my parents once my mom was home to ease the load a little.  Found a wonderful woman who comes in for a few hours every couple of days.  She has been a godsend.  Of course I couldn't have found her without the help of some good friends so...remember ask for help when you need it!
  6. I attended my son's fall play which was AMAZING!  (  Yes, I know I am biased, but the show was somewhat interactive and was different every night.  There were lots of repeat patrons, so by the last night, it was obvious which plays of the thirty were "fan favorites."  It was so good to be in a theater (ok, an auditorium) and laugh (even while masked).  Theater IS life.

  7. I prepared for 3 "Thanksgiving" meals.  A simple brunch/lunch that we took down to my parents (and I had my son drive part of the way...not on the Parkway, but he did great on Route 34 and 35).  Then when we got home I did a "Faux" turkey dinner (thank you Gardein ) for the three of us.  Then on Friday, hubby and I did some grocery shopping before my in-laws came over for a "deli" Thanksgiving.  I actually had to run to Whole Foods at the very last minute which turned out to be a real blessing because I discovered Abe's  and had my very first coffee cake...I'm going to have to hold back because their vegan baked goods are so delcious and I could easily gain 10 or more pounds in a week.)
  8. Decorated for the holidays.  Started on Friday afternoon by putting up my Department 56 villages, continued into Sunday when we put the tree up and celebrated the first night of Hanukkah and finally my husband (with a little, but not much, help from me) decorated the outside of the house.  I may not "feel" the holiday spirit yet (In fact it's sadly lacking for me at this moment), but our house sure looks like it.
  9. Which leads me to today; where perhaps I will get into the holiday feeling as the month ends as I am wrapping up work early (well...I did start around 6 this morning) and heading down to the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, NJ to see Chris Isaak and his band.  It's a holiday show, which means in addition to his own great music, they'll be doing songs from his Christmas album.  His was the last concert I saw (in the summer of 2019) and it was amazing. 

    I'm hoping that tonight will be just as great.  (Yes, that's a challenge sir! )  To paraphrase the late great Jerry Herman, I need a little Christmas now!


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