This Man is Angry At Me


What is wrong with this picture?  If this were pre-2020 the answer would be absolutely nothing.  But this isn't pre-2020.  This was this morning.  This man works for Entenmann's; or at least he's a driver/stocker for the company.  (He's stocking their baked goods.)  It's March 2021.  We are a year into the pandemic.  We are making progress towards getting everyone vaccinated, but as Dr. Anthony Fauci (and if you don't know who he, where have you been for the past year?) even with vaccinations going strong, we still need to wear masks.  (Side note:  Anthony Fauci is an EXPERT in his field, which is why I listen to him and respect his advice.  I wouldn't take medical advice from a tax expert and I wouldn't take tax advice from the person who cuts my hair.  On the other hand, I wouldn't ask Anthony Face for tax advice or have him cut my hair.  When you are getting information you need to go to the experts in the particular field you are trying to learn more about.  I am NOT a medical expert, a tax expert or even competent in cutting hair; do not come to me for advice on these things. Go to a good source.)  So I will follow the advice (and I hope you will too) of the EXPERT on the subject of infectious diseases.

I've seen the man in the photo above before.  I mentioned to the manager previously.  (Let me go on the record as saying I LOVE the guy who manages the store.  He is tough and takes pride in the business and I KNOW he is doing his absolute best to keep his staff and customers safe.)  We established a relationship several weeks ago (  (Side note:  the man who stocks the frozen veggies WAS wearing a mask this morning.  At first I thought I saw him with his nose exposed, however when I walked down the aisle he had it on correctly.  I KNOW that masks slip sometimes, so I'll give him a pass.)  When I saw the man in the photo above, he was talking on the phone (I assume because no one was around.) and I saw NO mask.  He saw me look at him and take a photo.  He immediately pulled up the gaiter that was around his neck.  (It actually looks like a turtle neck in the photo.)  He KNEW what I was doing.  What he didn't know was that I was going to text the photo to the manager.  I didn't even say anything in the message; I just sent the photo.  In under a minute, I got a response from the manager telling me he was on it.  I cannot express how thankful and appreciative I am for that.  (By the way, the man in the photo above was obviously called in on this because he passed us as we were on the way to check out and uttered an explicative as he passed by.)

I am NOT sorry for my actions.  I AM sorry that taking my health and other's into consideration makes me look like a B*TCH.  I take the situation that we are currently in very seriously.  (You KNOW this if you've read what I've written before.)  I work/volunteer at my church's thrift shop.  I am frequently asking people to pull up their masks.  (Only once have I had to ask a person to put on a mask; I can't believe that someone actually walked in without one!  I can see getting out of the car without one, but I can't understand walking into a public building without one.)  I have had to monitor the number of people allowed in at a time.  I have been yelled at/confronted by a man who ignored the rope that we have placed across the doorway.  (I was shaken by that one.)  I have tried to get people to check out so that people waiting in line outside can come in.  (It's hard to get people to adhere to the 20 minute shopping time.)  I am a B*TCH because I care about the people I work/volunteer with.  I care about the people who shop there.  I care about the people I know and I don't know.  I know we are in a serious situation and if you don't realize how serious this is, I highly recommend watching this:  (Watch the WHOLE thing and if you are NOT moved...are you human?)

We are STILL in a pandemic.  Not everyone has been vaccinated.  My 80+ year old parents haven't. (Although my father will be as of this weekend...thanks to the help of a wonderful know who you are!)  My in-laws haven't.  (Although they are scheduled.)  My husband hasn't.  (And he has some underlying health conditions.)  I haven't. (I'm patiently waiting my turn.)  And even once we are vaccinated, we need to follow the guidelines established by the MEDICAL EXPERTS.  I'm NOT an expert, but here is what one does have to say:  

The experts say wear a mask.  I will wear one.  When I am in a place that requires one; I'm going to wear one and I'm going to expect that everyone else wears one too.  And if you don't...well then you're going to be angry at me too.


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