Things I Haven't Done During the Pandemic

 Since I've been working from home for a year and not really going on vacations, you'd think I'd get things done that needed to be done.  You might imagine that I would actually clean my house more (dusting, mopping and vacuuming for example).  You would be wrong.  Even though I'm physically here and I COULD take time during the day (since I'm not taking a coffee break to talk to coworkers or going out for lunch), I haven't.  Yes, I am it isn't changing.

I could have had the house fixed up a bit more.  I did have the downstairs painted ( will take you down that rabbit hole) and I had wanted to do more.  I HAD wanted to fix up the patio since we were spending more time outside.  That didn't happen as none of the contractors/companies that I reached out to followed up.  (One guy never even called me back!)  Out of 6 or 7 attempts, I got three quotes. The most comprehensive one was way over my budget.  No one ever followed up to see if what I thought of the proposals.  Maybe I should try again this spring?  This patio project seems to be the most reasonable oen in terms of cost and displacement.  (What I REALLY need is a redo of the only bathroom we have in the house, but that will require big bucks and we would not be able to live in a house without a bathroom  so even though the bathroom has not had much work done to it since the house was built in 1923... at this point I'm sucking up and living with it.  At least until I hit the lottery; at which point I can have the entire house worked on.  I can tear the back of the house and have a bathroom built on the first floor and the kitchen could be expanded [which would ruin the whole new patio that I don't have] and I could do so many things...can you tell I'm a little jealous of all the neighbors who have recently had major renovations done to their homes even though it's incredibly inconvenient especially during this time of Covid-19?)  Any thoughts on this crazy ramble?

Another thing I haven't done is had my hair professionally colored.  (  And I've only had my hair cut ONCE since March of 2020.  So this is what I look like today.  (I am being very brave here because this is me this morning...bare bones.)

Yes, that's me, NO make up, hair unwashed and clipped up.  These photos are not retouched.  This is me on the morning of Thursday, March 18th.  My fine, thin (the ONLY thing thin about me!) hair has  not been touched my professional  hands since September of last year.  (My husband DID cut my bangs for me a couple of weeks ago...they are just not starting to look "ok")  And I am excited that I am going to go out in a deluge this afternoon (because we are supposed to get tons of rain) and getting this mess cut and styled.  (Which will not last if we get the rain and the wind that they say we will.)  I have decided NOT to get it lightened.  (Even though I think that lighter hair brightens my whole look.)  At least not for a while.  I'd like to see what my hair decides to do.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd really like it to go gray/silver.  I look a lot like my father and his hair is a beautiful shade which I hope/wish my hair would emulate.  (If I'm going to share the same wrinkle/crease/giant line across my forehead like my father you'd think I'd at least deserve a good head of silver colored hair.)  How long I'll be willing to hold out on this is anyone's guess.

Why I waited so long to get my hair cut again is a good question.  Barber shops and hair salons have been open since the summer.  My son has had multiple cuts since then.  (But then again he has thick, fast growing hair.  Yes, I am jealous.)  I've just waited because...I have no reason.  It's just another thing I haven't done (and should have) during the pandemic.

But that all changes today...look at me now!  (Yes, I put on a little make up this time around!)

I'm looking good (if I do say so myself).  And this was after being out in the wind and rain.  (WHEN is Spring going to truly get here?  That tease last week was NOT ENOUGH!)  I should not have waited so long to do this.  And for now, I'm vowing not to do so again.  (Let's see if I hold to that a few months down the road).  Now, if I could just get myself "motivated" to clean the house...


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