Good News Friday


Today is March 12, 2021.  Exactly one year ago today (which was a Thursday), I spent my last day in an office.  It was the last time I saw most of the people I worked with.  When I packed up my things at the end of the day, my intent was to work from home on Friday and come back on Monday.  (Although with the news about the pandemic, I wasn't too thrilled with the prospect, but...)  Now a year later, the office is closed and I continue to work from home.  That can be challenging at times, but it also has its benefits.  I can run a load of laundry while I work and break for 5 minutes to fold it and put it away when I am done.  For as difficult as things have been and in some cases continue to be, I am still working.  I may not see them, but I still work with some really great people.  I have weekly chats with people and in many ways I am getting to know them better than I did before.  And that's good news.  

Good news is what I want to share.  For as dark as the days have been, there is still good and today I want to share my little positive corner.

For example, yesterday was the first spring feeling day of the year.  (Yes spring is still over a week away.)  The sun was out and it was WARM.  I had the windows down in the car.  I pulled the (plastic) Adirondack chairs out of the garage and sat outside at lunch time.  I was reading (and finished) a good book (Winter in Paradise by Elin Hilderbrand which is an easy and relaxing read.)  I've already moved on to the next book in the series and am looking forward to more outside time to read.  I know this warm weather will not last (for now) and that temperatures are going to go down tonight and we may even have some SNOW next week.  (Ugh!) But for now I will take the warm and I will "use" it as best I can.  There is a lunchtime walk in my future.  (Or at least a plan for one.)  I'm on the lookout for a (plastic?) chair and table for my patio area so that I can work outside when the weather allows.  I didn't do so last year.  (Why not?)  If it's a beautiful day, I don't have to be inside!  Once I find the right chair and table, my laptop and I can enjoy the day!

Second example of good news today:  hubby and I did our weekly trek to Shoprite.  Although I didn't go down the frozen vegetable aisle this week, I DID see the man in the teal jacket ( and and guess what?  He was wearing a mask!  He was wearing a mask CORRECTLY.  It covered his nose and his mouth!  Victory!  (He probably doesn't feel that way, but I do.)  I have to send a thank you message to the manager of the store who took this as seriously as I do.  There will be a time when masks are not necessary (we're all waiting for that day) and there may be places where masks are no longer required; but we are not yet in that time and place.  Until then, mask up!  

Third example of good news today:  Because it is warmer out, I can't just leave the groceries at my aunt's back door in the morning.  (Remember we go really early and are home before 7 a.m.)  So I stored her perishables in my refrigerator until mid-morning, called her and then went to drop them off.  On my way over I dropped off a few items at the food pantry. (I'm keeping the 40 items for 40 days of Lent, as of this week I'm up to 34 items.  So I'll probably surpass the 40 items before Lent concludes, but that doesn't mean I won't keep shopping and donating.  I need to make this more of habit.)  Because I was there later than usual, I got to see the church's pastor in person and we were able to chat for a few minutes.  (I was in my car and he was leaning out a 2nd floor window.)  I also got to chat with my aunt in person.  Finally, I ran to CVS for a few items I needed.  (Since I was already out, I figured I should do as much as I could.)  While I was there I finally found my FAVORITE jelly beans (Russell Stover brand).  I was so thrilled that I bought 3 bags!  (And they are ALL for me!!!!)  Now the question is how long will I hold out until I break into a bag?  They are NOT chocolate so I could dig in BEFORE Easter, but they are an Easter treat, so... (Feel free to place your bets now as to how long I will be able to last!)

Finally, probably the best good thing that happened today (at least as of now; the day is not yet over) is Vlad Duthiers responded to my tweet.  If you've read previous posts you know I'm a serious CBS This Morning  fan and since this pandemic started (and I'm at home and not stuck in traffic), his "What to Watch" segment is one of my favorites.  He had tweeted out his first at home broadcast from a year ago. I remember his daily home segments; almost always dressed in a black shirt and pants and commented back to him and his team:  "You did a great job then and you continue to do matter where you are broadcasting from you provide high quality reporting."  He responded with the below.

Yes, I think I WILL have a wonderful weekend.   I hope you all do too.  Remember, there IS good news all around us; even when things are not going exactly the way we would like them to.   Life will never be perfect and we all have "bad" times, but i
f we just have to take the time to look we CAN find good


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