The Virus Diary: A Hairy Tale

 On This Day In History:  March 8, 2020:  Bfth gets her hair professionally cut and colored.

Why is this an historical event?  Ok, it's NOT an historical event, but it is the last time that I got my hair cut and colored professionally.  Since that date I have gotten my hair professionally cut once and I have lightened my hair (thank you Sun In), but not both.

In some ways this date marks the end of an era.  I know that seems overly dramatic and probably is, but...

J, who used to cut and color my hair, only had an opening on Sunday morning.  I had wanted to have an appointment later in the month; closer to Easter and other planned social events.  However, his calendar was booked, so I took it.  He wore a mask as he did his work.  He said he hoped I didn't mind.  I didn't.  I got it; sort of.  It seemed overkill to me.  (What a fool!)  We chatted as usual as he worked his magic.  And about two hours later I was done.  Hair blonder and shorter, I was looking and feeling good.

J stopped doing hair after that.  I had hoped he might consider working outside in my yard, but understood when he said no.  I was sad.  He is more than just someone who cuts my hair; he is a friend and I miss the conversations we had and the music we listened to.  

  He recommended another person for me to try.  I did in September.  G was great.  I was very comfortable in the shop and pleased with the results.  A cut with no color; although I still had some of J's professional color in there and I had done some on my own over the summer.

Now, here we are a year later.  I definitely need a haircut, but I'm unsure if I want to color any more.  I LOVE how the highlights lighten up my face, but...

Here's what I'm looking at now.  It's drab.  (Not unlike me?)

What I'd really like is if I'd just go gray/silver.  I can hardly believe I'm saying that, but I think it would look good.  But my baby fine hair just isn't cooperating.  Sure there are strands of gray in there.  You really have to look for them though. (I actually have more gray in my eyebrows that I do in my hair!  What's that about?)

I'm really torn about what I should do.  I've always had baby fine hair and I think the blonde highlights make it look a little fuller.  But is it worth it?  Should I just go with what I've got and be happy with it?

I'm hoping you'll chime in.  Whether you are friend or stranger; let me know your thoughts.  Because while we are still in the middle of this pandemic, we've always got time to think and talk about hair.


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