It's Not All Right


I try to be an optimist.  I'm pretty much always a realist.  However, right now, no matter what I am, I'm not okay.  Overall and in general, things are NOT okay.  I'm not sure what to do about it, other than state the obvious:  things are NOT okay.

It's not that anything horrible is happening in my personal life.  I still have a job and my family is healthy.  (Let's knock on wood for that.)  But the strain of life is getting me down and I am feeling "out of sorts."  I'm definitely discombobulated.  (I really like that word.)  I'm uneasy.  I'm uncomfortable.  I'm unfocused. I feel like I just can't get a handle on anything.

I don't think I'm alone in all this.  We are in a time where everything is topsy turvey.  Negativity seems to be the new norm; across the board.  And while I understand the anger and frustration that we are all feeling, I feel like constancy of it has eroded my soul.

Make America Great?  What is so great about where we are right now?  How great is the constant lies and deliberate rumors? (I'm not talking about a political party here; I am talking about "We the people" as a whole.)  America the beautiful?  America, we are NOT beautiful.  We are UGLY.  Our rhetoric is ugly.  Our behavior is ugly. Our collective face is ugly.

What is devastating to me is that we ALLOWED this to happen.  We have accepted this norm.  We have embraced hate speech; cloaking it in a tangled web and calling it "free speech."  The right to free speech was a hard earned one; we should be honored to have the ability to speak freely and we should honor the right by choosing our words carefully and not just flinging them around like fecal matter.

Anger can be a valid emotion.  (It is not always...we need to remember that.)  Hate is not.  Hate is a feeling that corrupts the soul.  Hate kills...and not only the target at which is it aimed.  Hate takes away innocence.  

Why are we allowing this?  Why did we give up on decency and understanding? 

We don't have to.  We can chose to turn away.  (And that's not always easy.)  We can chose to distance ourselves from it.  We can speak from our hearts and listen with it as well.

Bitter hatred and ugliness will not just disappear, but it CAN fade away.  We can make positive choices.  We can react in love and turn away from hate as often as we can.  We can make a conscious choice to let go of the negative and embrace the positive whenever we can.  We can redirect our time and energy to things that are beneficial to ourselves and to our world.

As for me, writing this has helped.  I still feel a little "off," but I am hopeful that if I redirect my focus and avoid what negativity I can, I will "balance out."  Maybe I won't feel great, but I do believe that I will feel and BE better.

How about you?  (And you can respond with comments that disagree with everything I wrote, but please do so in a respectful and considerate manner.  Thanks.)


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