Autumn in the Poconos

 I had wanted to get away to the Poconos (Skytop) for our anniversary in the middle of September; before school started.  The stars didn't align and we didn't go.  However, when I realized that my son had Friday, October 2nd off, I decided to give it a go again.  This time the moon and the stars DID align and in all honesty I'm glad we DIDN'T go in September.  This first weekend in October might not have been peak timing for colors, but it came pretty darned close.

But don't take my word for it.  I'm not a great photographer, but the colors and landscape make my "work" easy.

A visit to Skytop rarely disappoints.  The location is amazing.  The service is above par. The food is incredible.  Have I had problems on any of my numerous vacations?  Yes, I have, but any issues I've had have always been addressed and well handled.  Even more importantly, during this pandemic the resort has done everything by the book and I have always felt safe there.  (Of course I would feel even safer if every guest was responsible as the staff, but that's not what this post is going to talk about today.)

So let me flat out say, this past weekend was amazing.  Our room was ready when we checked in.  (Something our favorite bellman, Robert, assured us of when we pulled up.)  The dining experience was phenomenal.  (Due to allergies, I don't dine out a lot, even when Covid isn't an issue, but the staff, particularly managers, Zoe and Colleen, always make sure that my safety is a priority while also making sure that every meal in incredible.  I still want to know what was in the Chocolate Tower that I had for dessert on my last evening there and how can I get it shipped to me on a regular basis?  You want to drool?  Just look at:  

I could write a long post about what I did during my 48 hours at Skytop , but let me make it simple:  I ate and drank, walked/hiked/took in the incredible scenery, relaxed with a good book (Dear Edward  by Ann Napolitano; I HIGHLY recommend it) on the South Porch (if you know me you know it's one of my most favorite spots in the world...although the new firepit on the deck at the Lakeview Inn is currently running a close second and could overtake the lead if I could only find a time when the area was not quite so crowded) and sleeping.  (That mountain air really did wonders for me as I slept soundly and breathed freely; something that does not occur as regularly as it should.)

Again, although I am NOT a photographer, I think these speak volumes.  How could I not feel joy and refreshed?

Of course it wasn't all peaceful:

Not a very good photo, but taken at a distance and zoomed in.  At first I thought it was a dog in someone's yard, but...that's about as close to a black bear as I would like to get.


All of this natural beauty does require some upkeep.  I was lucky enough to happen upon Ron who, working with the resort naturalist,  (how many resorts do you know who have naturalists on staff?), Rick, had been working on the creation of  the new wildflower area.  By  serendipity, he was there as I was walking by and a simple hello turned into a mini-lesson on this new area, which will continue to evolve and grow over the years.  Talking with Ron it was clear how much he loves what he does.  Having gone on several guided tours with Rick, it's obvious how much he cares for and about every inch of the property.  (Because of his work on the trails, I've been able to explore more.)  And I know there are so many more people behind the scenes who keep the grounds accessible and beautiful. 

 All this beauty, courtesy of nature and a some loving care.  That's autumn at Skytop.  It refreshed my soul.  And whenever I get stressed out (which is too often these days), all I need to do (if I remember) is to look at some of these photos again and breath. 


  1. Fabulous photos! I'm partial to the one of James, it looks so timeless. Glad you got a couple days to decompress.


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