The Virus Diary: The Last Day of School.

I always take the last day of the school year off so that we can "celebrate."  I did so again this year; I put in my request at the beginning of the year.    Who knew...?

Although we cannot agree on everything and perhaps cannot even agree on most things, I DO believe that we CAN agree that this has been one STRANGE school year.  When I dropped my son off for his first day of high school I could NEVER have imagined what was to come.  Who would have thought that March 13th would be the last day that he and all of his classmates would walk through those halls?  Who would have thought that the cast party for the musical on March 7th would have been the last social event he would attend?  It has been one STRANGE year.

It was also a challenging year.  And I'm not just talking about the pandemic.  Even before that, as a family, we were facing some issues.  Being "stuck" together since March has made life difficult at times.  My son needed to learn the importance of the "submit" button, as well as doing so in a timely manner. He needed to learn the importance of staying up to date with what was going on in his "classroom" and checking (and re-checking) email.  Lessons were learned the hard way.  (It may not be a bad thing that this semester's grades were P or F.)  I learned too (also the hard way).  I hope that both my son and I have learned and grown from this experience.  As with years in the past, this year has been a bumpy road.  Only this year many of those bumps were out of our control.  I hope that we've learned to control what we can and to let go of what we can't.

As challenging as this year has been, it would NOT have been possible if it weren't for the incredible teachers my son had.  I never imagined you could have a gym class on line.  You CAN!  I never imagined you could have choir on line!  You CAN!  I never imagined you could do a One Act Play on line!  You CAN!  Amazing things CAN be done.  Of course you need some pretty amazing educators who are dedicated to their students, think WAY outside of the box and are more flexible than a willow tree.  We are lucky to have educators who have always gone above and beyond and this year went way, way beyond.  

It's been a challenging three plus months.  Today it officially ended.  Tonight, our high school graduates will be able to see their ceremony on tv. (Graduates were given a time slot over the past several weeks to officially receive their diploma as well as say a few words; all of this and more was edited into the video that will air tonight.)  It may not be the ideal way to "graduate" but it certainly is unique and memorable; just like they are.

We head into summer.  We don't know what the fall will bring.  For now I am grateful for what we had and how we made it through.  For the teachers and students, I hope this summer brings some rest and relaxation so that they can be ready come September for whatever school life will look like.

We made it through...all of us...together.

Thank you.
Dropping off school books


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