Still Making Noise

It started locally in April, although it had been going on in the city before that.  Going outside at 7 PM and applauding/making noise for our healthcare workers (heroes in my eyes).  We supported them with signs and donations and we made some noise to show our appreciation.

In my part of the world, the town horn used to go off at 6 pm.  It was a tradition.  You knew what time it was when you heard the horn.  Now it goes off at 7.   

For me, I am usually inside watching the news (and trying not to get too depressed over how low humanity has sunk), until 6:58.  I call out for my boys, grab a noisemaker from a New Year's Eve long ago (that I saved in a drawer for some reason that was unknown and unnecessary until now) and the cowbell that I purchased this spring from a local shop that supports our high school athletics and go out on the front stoop.  I wave and call out to my neighbor across the way.  I give my son the cowbell.  My husband grabs a broken weather vane that once sat on top of our garage, but was broken and never fixed when we got the garage painted last time (not to be confused with our recent painting that also resulted in our downstairs being painted as well: Believe it or not, a broken metal weather vane (again I don't know why I've kept it and now I think I want to go buy a new one and put it up), can make some noise when clanged together.  We wait for the horn.  Sometimes it's a little late.  If it doesn't go off at all (which has happened), we wait a minute or two, but then we make some noise.  

The cowbell is rung.  The noisemaker is swung around.  The pieces of weathervane are clanged together.  Sometimes there is a holler or two.  We make some noise.

I live on a dead end street, so there are not a lot of houses.  In the beginning, most everyone on the block came out.  It was good to see everyone.  It was good to know that everyone was ok.  While showing our support for our healthcare workers, we were also showing our support for each other.  Seven o'clock was an important time.

Months have gone by.  Here in NJ restrictions are being lifted as the number of cases decrease.  We are moving towards a new normal.  But we are not there yet.  And so I am still out there every night making some noise.

Yesterday, for the first time, my son was a little reluctant.  I understand.  The number of neighbors has dwindled and I realize that we can't always all be out there.  (Especially my neighbor with a baby who they TRY to put to sleep around that time every night.)  But this virus is not yet gone.  There is a very real possibility of a 2nd wave.  Our healthcare workers are STILL out there on the front lines.  They are still fighting.  They are still caring.  And they are still putting their own lives on the line.  

As long as they are doing that, I will be out there at 7.  It doesn't matter if the town horn goes off.  It doesn't matter if I am the only person on the block or in the town.  I will make some noise at 7.  Until we can DEFINITIVELY say that this pandemic is over, I will be out there.

It's not much.  It's not difficult.  But I want them and every single healthcare worker to know (be it via my nightly noise or by this blog post) that I APPRECIATE YOU.  That I know your work is hard and the struggle is beyond what I can imagine.  I have and will support you.  If you need an ear to listen or a virtual shoulder to lean on, I am here.  And until this is over, I will be making some noise to say thank you.  I will be making some noise for YOU.   And remember...
Photo of artwork by Alex Cook
Photo of the amazing artwork of local artist, Alex Cook .  Visit

Thank you.  Bless you.  Stay safe and stay well.


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