I live in a world of waiting
Waiting for something to begin
Waiting for it to end
Waiting for the rain to stop
Waiting for the sun to shine

Waiting for the world to stabilize
Waiting for normal
Knowing that normal will not be so
But waiting still

Waiting for a cure
Hoping for a solution
For all nations

Waiting to breath
Wanting to know
Not wanting to know
Waiting to hear
Afraid of the words
Hoping for words
Still waiting

Waiting for silence
In a world of noise
Waiting for noise
When there is only silence
Waiting...still waiting

Waiting for answers
As more questions form
Waiting for education 
Longing for knowledge
In a world of unknowns
We are still waiting

The world turns
The sun shines
The night falls
The stars shine
The clouds gather
Full of rain
When the sun shines again
We are waiting
Still waiting

Still waiting...


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