Comfort Zone

In days of yore (maybe 2 months ago), I would encourage friends to get out of their comfort zones.  To try new and exciting things.  To do something different.  Now all bets are off.  And though I am an expert on nothing, here is my unsolicited advice to you:


Let me rephrase the:  Be SAFE, follow guidelines/rules/laws and STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE!

These are strange days indeed (to quote John Lennon).  This is no time to feel that you SHOULD be doing this or SHOULD be doing that.  This is the time to cut yourself some slack and be comfortable.

Are you working from home in your pajamas?  Is that comfortable for you?  Then go for it!  No judgement.

Are you having Cheetos for breakfast?  Is that what you were craving?  Go for it.  No judgement.

Now I am NOT saying that you should ONLY wear your pajamas or ONLY eat snack foods.  That is not safe and it will also (eventually) cease to be comfortable.  But what we should do and what we can do is what is "right" and comfortable for us.

We are all in different places emotionally and spiritually right now.  That's ok.  There are people who are afraid to go outside.  That's understandable for the times we are now in.  Once this passes, it will not be okay and I would encourage you to get help. (By the way, you can get it now too.  Mental healthcare workers ARE available in non-traditional ways.  You should NEVER be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.  We ALL need help.  ALL of us!) For now, if you want to stay inside; stay inside.  That's what works for you.

For me, I am comfortable going for daily walks.  I live in an area where that IS possible.  (It may not be so where you live.)  I do so safely and following guidelines; so where I once was up and out the door at 4:30 AM, I now do not go out until after 5 AM (people are asked to stay off the road from 8 PM till 5 AM).  I used to wear earbuds and listen to music, but I'm not comfortable with that now; I feel like I need to be more aware of what is going on around me, so I just walk.  As a result, my pace is slower, but that's ok. I'd love to go walk in the park, but the park is closed.  So I stay out of the park.  (I wish everyone would follow this rule.  It's there for a reason!)  Whenever I see anyone, I say hello and keep my distance and keep moving.  I'm getting exercise.  I'm getting fresh air.  And I'm keeping my peace of mind.  I would NOT be doing this if I lived in a crowded area; I would not feel comfortable and it would not be safe.

At this point I feel comfortable going grocery shopping once a week.  I carefully plan my trip.  I go alone, which makes me slightly uncomfortable, but I know it's safer to do so. I dress appropriately.  I will continue to do this as safely and responsible as possible.  However, if it gets to the point where I am NOT comfortable or it is NOT safe, I will stop.

We need to be comfortable.  We need to recognize that while we are all in this together; we are also at different stages and places in life.  If you're cold, you put on a sweater.  You should not (and will not by me) be judged for that.  If you're nervous about going outside, you should not (and will not by me) be judged for that.  If you need to do things that might be considered strange or unconventional because it makes you comfortable...I say go for it.  (Again, as long as it's safe!  You might be comfortable taking a cross country drive, but right now that's NOT safe.)

Allow yourself to be comfortable.  Allow others to be comfortable without judgement.  In my mind, it's the best way to survive and even thrive.

Stay well...stay safe...stay sane.


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