The Virus Diary: Easter 2020: Worship Walk

Easter is a time of celebration; a time of rejoicing.  A pandemic cannot stop that.  It CAN stop the way we celebrate, but it CANNOT stop the rejoicing.

This Easter Sunday was like others in some ways:  my family had brunch together (only it was my immediate family and not my extended family) and my son and I went to church together (only it was online).  We sang hymns.  There was an Easter basket.  I am getting ready to indulge in some chocolate soon.  (Although the chocolate flavored creamer in used in my coffee might count).  We've watched Godspell (last night) and will watch Easter Parade  (tonight).  I've dressed just as I would have if I was visiting the church building.

Despite everything there IS joy in this Easter.  However, there is also sadness.  It goes without saying.  This isn't your ordinary Easter.

And since it is NOT an ordinary Easter, I wanted to do something not extraordinary, but different.  It isn't the nicest of Easters weatherwise, but it is not yet raining (although it is incredibly windy; as you will see from the following photos) and it is not cold (although it is not warm either).  Although I could not go inside, I decided to visit each of my town's House of Worship.  I did so dressed as I would have if I were entering (with the exception of sneakers) and at each location I took a selfie and said a prayer.

Congregational Church

Catholic Church

Methodist Church

Lutheran Church

Presbyterian Church

Islamic Center (former site of town synagogue)

Jehovah Witness

Episcopalian Church

My prayer was simple:  Bless all who have entered these gates in the past.  Bless all those who will enter in the future.  Amen.

I said these same words (always in my head; I'm sure I looked strange enough stopping to take selfies at each place of worship) as I passed by our town library, civic center, police department and rescue squad and fire department (although I passed by only one of the department stations, my prayer is for all).

It made MY Easter a little more meaningful and during these times of stress and strife, that's what I need.  Perhaps you do too.

This Easter is a little different, but it will always hold meaning for me.  My prayer for us all is that this holiday (and it doesn't matter if it is Easter, Passover, etc.) despite the circumstances that we are all able to find meaning and hope.


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