Vacation = Relaxation, Part 4

If you missed Parts 1 - 3:

Monday was yet another beautiful day.  We were really winning on this year's vacation.  (Last year we had a lot of rain and when we returned in the fall we had more rain and even a little snow!)

We had yet another wonderful breakfast; this time served by Shanice (Charice off on Mondays...and yes, the names got confusing).  Bacon, toast, juice, coffee and can't go wrong.  It was a delight to sit back and enjoy breakfast and the view.  No work for me today...sigh...

Instead my son and I decided to go for another walk.  He wanted to go down to the outfitters (which is by the lake) and purchase a shirt he saw on sale.  We walked down the road to the lake path and directly to the shop.  The kid found the shirt he wanted right away and wanted to pay for it himself. But of course now we had to carry it (in a bag) on our walk.  It was pretty light weight and my son carried it for most of our trek.  (I volunteered to take it over later on).

We made our way around the lake.  I had drunk quite a bit of coffee and juice so I was glad when we reached Robin Hood Cove that there was a porta-potty.  (I haven't seen this area used in a long time.  They used to have picnics here on the weekends, but with the options of Callaways, the Marketplace and the Tap Room it really isn't needed.  So what's up next for this space?  Someone needs to let me know!)

We crossed the "highway" (Route 390) and headed up the Trout Stream trail to Indian Ladder Falls.


The Trout Stream Trails is one of the easiest and it is also one of the loveliest.  We took the Alternative Trout Stream Trail back.  Not difficult, but as not as even.  The last time we had taken this path it had been raining and then snowed and part of the trail were underwater so we turned back (much to my son's disappointment).  But  with dry weather it was much easier to navigate and enjoy.

On our way back we checked out the Adventure Center.  Why?  Because I had never been there.  I'm not one to rock climb or play paintball, but I did want to check out the building.  (And somewhere in the back of my mind I am still contemplating doing a zip line before I am too old...what is too old any way?)

My son and I parted ways.  He walked back to the lodge via the lake trail, whereas I followed Dutch Hill Road.  Somehow, I made it back to the south porch before he did.

After a brief back, Hubby and I walked down to the Lakeview Inn to check out the hats in the Pro Shop.  He is looking for a new baseball hat, but is looking for a very specific style.  I thought they might have it there.  But he didn't like the material.  So we headed back to the lodge and tried the gift shop.  He DID like the material on the hat there, but didn't like the way it looked.  So much for that.  (And I considered buying a very nice tote bag.  I didn't and I still kind of regret it!)

It was close to noon by then, and I wanted to try a lawn bowling lesson, which were offered at noon and five.  I had no clue how it worked, but I can tell you that back in the day my maternal grandfather was quite the player.  It was definitely one of his Skytop passions and he won at least one award as a result (and I have a copy of the letter to prove it.)  

There were several people on the green seriously playing.  I mean, SERIOUSLY.  I wandered over to the other side of the green where there is a small building that stores the supplies.  Janet, who was in charge, and her assistant, Sarah, taught me the basics and then Sarah and I gave it a go.  Simple to do, but hard to master.  We played 3 "rounds."  I won the first one, but Sarah bested me the following two times.  If it hadn't been so hot (we were in direct line with the sun), I might have asked to play more.  I was just happy to finally understand the game (somewhat) and play on the same green that my grandfather once had.

Returned to my favorite spot on the porch.  Debated going to the pool again, but from my vantage point it looked like all of the outside seats were taken.  So I chose to just relax.  (Isn't that the theme of this vacation?)

As relaxed as I might have been, I still felt the call to walk. So this time I headed out the front of the lodge, but turned left toward Dutch Hill Road.  I turned left there and headed east down the road, but I DID not stop at the intersection of Leavitts Branch Road, which would take me up to the Lakeview Inn.  I continued on for quite a distance until the road ended (or so I thought) at Gravel Road.  (Turns out if I had gone left, Dutch Hill Road continues on and I could have even possibly explored the Flying Dollar Airport...where private planes for Skytop would have landed in a long ago era.  And when I say private, we're talking bi-planes.)  I turned around and walked back up (always ending up hill!) and turned on Leavitt's Branch Road, admiring the golf course and the houses on the other side of the road which have beautiful views.

By the time I got back to the lodge, I had clocked in 3 miles and I was hot and tired.  It was time for some reading on the porch before dinner and our last evening meal at the Windsor Dining  Room.


  1. Another great day (so far) I know you really enjoyed the time away. James looks so cute in his walking clothes (but don't tell him I said that) ;)


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