Vacation = Relaxation Part 3

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When I made it back to the lodge I decided it was time that I visited the pool.  Fingers crossed I headed down in hopes of finding a seat outside.  There was one lone lounger with no towel or person on it.  I asked a woman in the next chair over if it was open and when she replied yes, I made sure to "mark" my territory with my book and hurried to the ladies locker room to change into my swimsuit. I spent just over an hour lounging and reading as well as enjoying the pool.  

Before I knew it was 2 in the afternoon and I had arranged to meet Colleen down at the Lakeview to meet with the chef and discuss my allergies with him.  My husband was relaxing in the room and my son decided to go on another nature hike, this time on the Rhododendron Swamp Trail, which is short, but uneven (lots of roots and rocks to climb over).  We had done this several times before, but I have no objection to him going out with a group to do it again.

When I got down to the Lakeview Inn, Colleen was not around.  I called what I thought was her cell phone, but instead was the dining services number.  I got Zoe, who said that she was still out on the golf course doing beverage detail, but Zoe had spoken to her and volunteered to fill in.  In under 10 minutes she was there with Chef Scott.  We sat down together and went over the menu.  Scott said that the steak would be the safest bet for me.  (I'm never going to turn down a steak!)  I did make him cry a little when I said I wanted it well done.  (Sorry!)  He also said he would make the vinaigrette for my arugula salad himself to make sure there was no cross contamination and made a call to the baker to be sure the I could have dessert...The chocolate panna cotta was indeed safe for me.   

After we finished up, I walked back to the South Porch and spent the rest of the afternoon in a chair, relaxing, reading and sipping some wine.  You can't go wrong with that!

When I made my way up to the room to shower and change, my son had beat me to it.  Rather than just hang around and wait, I decided to walk up to the observation deck and take in a bird's eye view of the resort and surrounding area.

By the time I'd finished taking it all in and returned to our room, the men were dressed and ready for dinner.  It didn't take me long to get ready, but my son wanted to wander around the Pine Room, which was fine by me.

We met him there 20 or so minutes later and had one of the shuttles take us down to the Lakeview Inn.  (I'm all for walking, but not until AFTER the meal).

We were seated immediately by Colleen and our server was Cherene, with Colleen closely supervising.  I have to say my salad and steak were delicious.  Hubby enjoyed the breaded prime pork  cutlet while he birthday boy had the orzo soup, which he liked a lot and the angel hair pasta, which I don't think was quite what he was expecting.  (The  Lakeview is Mediterranean influenced and he is used to Italian pasta.)  He was NOT however disappointed with his dessert.  He ordered the lemon tort, hubby had the Italian cotton soft cheesecake and I (of course) had the chocolate panna cotta.  His dessert was delivered with a candle and all of the staff singing "Happy Birthday" which really capped off the night.

Before we walked back to the lodge, Colleen was nice enough to take some family photos out on the patio of the Inn.

The three of us walked back to the lodge from the inn as dusk fell.
My son decided he wanted to roast some marshmellows, an activity that is offered nightly at the firepits on the south lawn.  (Marshmellows and sticks are provided for free.  However, if you are so inclined you have the option to purchase a S'mores kit from the Marketplace.)  He had a great time and enjoyed his freedom for the rest of the night.  (Knowing that he had to be back in the room by 11:30)

Meanwhile I enjoyed a tiramisu signature cocktail from the Library Lounge.  (Have to admit that it was not as good as the last one I had there.  Don't think the bartender was really on top of things.)  Enjoyed some time in the Pine Room and out on the porch before heading up to bed.


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