Prayer: Something to Think About

Say what you will about social media (and we all have a lot to say), sometimes you stumble across something and it just hits you.  The other day a friend (and not just a social media friend; someone I relatively well and trust and respect) concluded a social media post with the following: "I now don't know a concise way to tell people with medical difficulties who are remote from me that I am thinking about them and praying for them."
Thoughts and Prayers SHOULD be an IS doing something, but...

This really resonated with me.  The phrase:  "Thoughts and prayers" or anything similar to those lines, have been co-opted.  They mean nothing.  Like saying "god bless you," after a sneeze; the phrase now comes across as something that should just be said without any thought or real meaning.  And I realize that for me, for my friend and for others, this is upsetting.

For me and I'm pretty sure for my friend, whose chosen vocation and life's dedication is the clergy, offering thoughts and prayers is NOT a trite phrase.  It is NOT something that I toss off lightly like saying "Good Morning" to the person in the elevator on the way to work.  It involves action.  (I've said this before:, and  When someone is in need my thoughts and prayers are active.  I set aside whatever else is going on and I THINK and I actively pray.  This does not mean that I get down on my knees in the middle of the street and shout to the heavens.  It means I go to a personal place/space and focus.  I think about that person; I focus on healing.  I am an active participant in the prayer process.  It's not an activity like running a race or reading a book, but it IS active.  It IS a process.  It is NOT just tossing out words.  It is MEANING those words.  It is throwing my energy out into the world.  Quite often it is more than that.  It MAY lead to cooking a meal for someone or running an errand.  It may lead to meeting for coffee or just being a shoulder to lean on.  It ALWAYS means that I am here and present for you when you need me.  That I am not just willing, but am lovingly ready to help and do.

Is there a way we can stop "thoughts and prayers" from being just a meaningless phrase?  Can we agree that if we say it or post it, we WILL actively do so?  That we will not just type in words or post an emoji, but LIVE and ACT with thought and prayer?  Before we post, can we ask ourselves if we are truly ready to ACT on what we say we are offering?

Perhaps not, but I CAN let people know that when I say that I am thinking of you or I am keeping you in my prayers that I AM DOING something. These are words that I do not take lightly or toss out aimlessly. That my prayers are for YOU and that I am offering myself to you for help and healing.   Know that if you need me; if you need help; if you NEED prayer, I am here.  

I know I am not alone.  That there are others who feel similarly and truly offer active prayer. We are here.  We mean what we say and we act.  If you look among the weeds, you can find us.  We grow in good soil and are ready to nourish you in a meaningful way.


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