It Shouldn't Be This Way...

People working without pay.
People NOT working, not unemployed
Not knowing 
Bills growing
How long with this last?
It Shouldn't Be This Way.

My way; not your way
Your way, not mine
Shouting, not listening
Not hearing;Not willing
Can there be no healing?
It Shouldn't Be This Way.

Fear, not from the stranger
Fear, from within
Walls that keep out
Can't keep the collapse from within
No direction, skewed perspective...endless sin.
It Shouldn't Be This Way

Right color, wrong color
Male, Female, Other
Does it really matter?
The blood shed is still red
Even if we turn away; it IS shed.
It Shouldn't Be This Way

Evil without, Bad within
The lies are true, so we are told
The longer matters
No longer exists
Humankind is what is at risk
It Shouldn't' Be This Way

Do not mock my hopes and prayers
They are all I have to cling to
For every action of good 
Is ruthlessly stomped on
In a world where kindness dies
Where we chose to ignore the cries
It Shouldn't Be This Way

But there is still kindness
We must cling to the good
Trounce the bad
Act on inaction
Carry Faith
Act in Love
Move forward...
For if we do...
It WON'T Be This Way


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