2019: A Fresh Start.

It seems to me that most of us are glad to see 2018 behind us and have hope for the new year, 2019.  While 2018 was not my personal worst year on record (that record holder is 2012), it certainly wasn't the best.  I'd say it had more downs than ups, but then, as we do every New Year's Day, my family and I opened our blessing jar and I found that it was overflowing: 
Although my teen son finds this ritual pretty lame (I love my son, but I DO still long for the little boy who looked up to me, both literally and figuratively, and was a happy participant in family doings), I think it's important.  I am the one who writes little notes when I find that something extra special has happened or is worth noting.  No matter how bad the year has been, there is ALWAYS some good and I feel that it's important to focus on that.  (Maybe that's naive, but that's me!)

2018 ended with massive amounts of rain here, but this morning blew (REALLY blew) in with warmth.  (Although the winds nearly blew me over.)  Although clouds obscured most of the sky, I wanted to started out this new day; this new year, with a walk.  As with most walks (at least for me), I start out just wanted to get it done and over with.  But then as I go on, my attitude changes (and this can take some time for me) and I am able to see my surroundings with new eyes.


I don't often go to the scenic park that is so close to my house...mostly because it requires crossing a dangerous intersection and it doesn't constitute much of a walk for me.  But with light traffic today and a mile plus already under my belt I headed upward and as a result got to take in some beautiful sights, not just of the historic "castle" but also of the somewhat (in my mind) mysterious Salvatorian Fathers Monastery which is right next door.  I even approached from a different way, taking the "steps"(seen in the first photo above) instead of walking the road.  This required climbing over a downed tree, but again, it's a new year and time for new adventures...and for getting up and out today I was rewarded with...



Even every day sights took on a new look for me:


It may be stark and unappealing to some, but with the leaves gone, I can see new things. Places that seem far off in the distance are not so distant after.

We have entered a new year...it's the perfect time for us to look at things with fresh eyes.  To see the every day in a new light.  Who knows what we might find if we just take a look anew.

Blessings can abound for us all...if we just take the time to look and find them.  Start 2019 off right...take a look and see.


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