Asking Why...

Toddlers and kids can be annoying with their constant barrage of questions.  The never ending why can drive ANY person crazy.  But maybe they are smarter than we think.  They are NOT accepting things at face value.  They want to know why.  They want to know how.

Maybe as adults it's time we take a cue from the younger set.  Instead of just accepting information as it is spoon fed to us, we ask why; we ask how.

Simple case in point; the recent 10 year photo postings on social media.  The request:  post your first social media profile photo (which for most seems to be around 10 years ago) and then post your most recent.  Everyone seems to be doing it.  It's harmless enough, right?

Maybe it is and maybe it isn't.  Maybe its fun.  Maybe it's a way to get more information on you (using facial recognition software).  Maybe that's harmless too.  Maybe it's not.  

That's not my point.  My point is before we do something (anything?) maybe we should ask some questions.  Why is everyone doing this?  Why should I do this?  How is this going to impact me?  (Is it going to impact me?)

Of course social media is just an example.  We should be asking WHY about items of more importance.

WHY should I vote for this person?  HOW is their platform going to affect me?  

WHY do I need to purchase this item?  HOW am I going to pay for it?  HOW much do I really need it? 

WHY is our government shut down?  HOW did this happen?  HOW is the shutdown effecting ME?  HOW is it effecting my friends, family and community?  WHY is building a border wall important?  HOW will building a wall affect our country?



We need to reignite our childish curiosity!

WHY?  Well, in my eyes, being curious and asking questions can make us better informed.  We make decisions every day; shouldn't they be informed decisions?

HOW?  By just asking.  Not by being judgmental, but by simply and plainly asking.

Let's ask why.  Let's ask how.  Let's just ask more questions for our OWN benefit.


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