Out With The Pumpkin Spice...

In with the peppermint mocha.  Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it is time to say farewell to my beloved pumpkin spice (and I DO LOVE a good pumpkin spice, which I realize has very little to do with pumpkin at all) and am ready for a taste of Christmas.  (Although I have to admit I'm not a big peppermint mocha woman.  I like it once or twice during the season, but I'm not addicted to it like I am with pumpkin spice.  Which, I'd also like to point out, makes very little sense, seeing how I am a total chocoholic!)

Thanksgiving was early this year (there is still one more Thursday left in the month), which is why I really must stress that holiday decorating really SHOULD wait until after the big Thanksgiving meal has been devoured.  (I'd say turkey here, but I'm the one with the poultry allergy and turkey hasn't been part of my family's Thanksgiving since I was a in 7th or 8th grade when I ended up in the ER on Thanksgiving night after consuming some turkey which had in the past only given me acid reflux and a slightly strange feeling in my gastro-intestinal track and now had progressed into a head on wheeze and gasp for air.)  Call me a snob.  Call me a Christmas decoration dictator, but the lights and all decorations should NOT go up/on until AFTER Thanksgiving.

Now to prove I am not a total "B" (too late?), I realize that there are circumstances where lights and decorations need to up on and be on early, but in general do we really need them up and going so early?  Can't we take the time to appreciate the autumn and all its seasonal glory?  Can't we focus on Thanksgiving?

I'll go one step further; let's keep the Christmas/holiday music off until AFTER Thanksgiving.   NOT including choir rehearsal music.  (I've had the cd of the cantata that my church choir will be presenting in my car cd player since September.  I've been listening to it; though not as much as I probably SHOULD be seeing how the cantata in just 3 weeks away, as I "rehearse" in the car when I am stuck in traffic.  And even though it is beautiful, even I get sick of it sometimes!)

I know we need to prepare for Christmas.  Isn't that what the 4 weeks of Advent are for?  Ok, so maybe that's not enough time for some things...like shopping, getting that holiday photo taken, etc.  But can't we TRY and keep the "holiday season" to the season?  Can't we enjoy the "now" time before plunging ahead into the next?

I love Christmas.  I love the lights.  I love the music.  I love ALL the trappings that go along with it and then some.  But shoving it in my face diminishes it all for me.  (And I'm thinking I'm not alone here.) We can't control the advertising or the retail stores that stock decorations before Labor Day, but can't we do our part?  

Enjoy Thanksgiving.  Celebrate all your blessings with family and friends.  And keep those lights off until after Thanksgiving!


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