I Think I...

How did you finish that phrase?

How about:  Point me in the direction of...

Or I woke up in...

If you answered (in order):  love you, Albuquerque and love this morning you know what this post is all about.  And most likely your heart hurt when you heard the news that David Cassidy had died last week.

David Cassidy was my first crush. I'm pretty sure Sound Magazine was the first album I owned.  I can remember listening to it on my parent's stereo in the living room when I was six (or possibly younger).  This was followed by Partridge Family Album and then Up To Date.  (A gift that I received the day by baby brother came home from the hospital.  Who cared about the baby?  I wanted the gift!!)  I never did get Shopping Bag or Partridge Family Christmas Card.  (I was extremely envious of my friend Susie who DID have them.)  The last album I got was for Christmas:  At Home with Their Greatest Hits and that was the end of that.  It wasn't until I met my husband, that I learned that there were even more albums:  Notebook, Crossword Puzzle and Bulletin Board.  He owned them all and to this day, he claims that one of the reasons I married him was to complete my collection.  (I'm not going to say he is wrong!)

Of course albums weren't the only thing Partridge Family I had.  (And it goes without saying that without David Cassidy I wouldn't have been watching the Partridge Family.)  There were books. There was the board game.  (Wish I still had it.  All I have now is the memory and a photo of me opening it on Christmas morning.)  And of course there were the fan magazines.  I was too young for the target demographic of Sixteen, Tiger Beat or Teen Beat, but I had a few.  (By the time step brother Shaun Cassidy came on the scene I was definitely in the right age bracket and much of my allowance was spent on them.  What can I say, I was a fickle tween as most are.  Once the Partridge Family was off the air my interest waned and when the Hardy Boys arrived on the scene I was hooked on a different Cassidy.)

My love for David may have waned once the Partridge Family went off the air, but it never went away.  The albums hung around and got played every now and then.  The show and the music were comforting.  Within the first week of college (that time when you're lonely and confused), I found a fellow David Cassidy lover and the two of us watched Partridge Family reruns (when we could) on the tv in my dorm lounge.   Or we'd listen to a mixed tape she'd made with some her favorites.  (Now you can tell how old we are!)

Before I was married, I dated a musician who did some Partridge Family covers.  Once again I pulled out those albums...

I still listen to those songs.  The music stands up.  They are well written pop tunes, performed by some of the best musicians out there (Google The Wrecking Crew) and of course the vocals of David Cassidy. The importance of his voice cannot be understated.  Just listen "To Be Lovers" from The Partridge Family Album.  Most of the song is covered by background singers, but there is one solo section where David takes over, proving that he didn't have to lip sync.  In that one section, his vocal talent shines and a best-selling album is made.  

Would the show and albums have sold if David hadn't sung?  Perhaps, but I doubt it.  They certainly wouldn't have topped the charts as they did.  And I certainly wouldn't still be singing along with "I Woke Up In Love This Morning," "Summer Days," "I'm on My Way Back Home," "I'll Meet You Halfway," "You Are Always on my Mind," "That'll Be the Day..."  The list just goes on and on.

David Cassidy was my first crush.  He had his ups and downs like all of us.  Only his were on public display.  His highs and lows were documented.  And is often the case in this world, the lows got more publicity than the highs.  He kept going.

He toured, but I never saw him perform live, which is a great regret of mine.  It also brings to mind his last words, as per his daughter:  "So much wasted time..."  A profound statement from a dying man and one that I take to heart.

We all are given the gift of time and it is up to use it wisely before it is gone.  Time should not be wasted or filled with regrets.  It should be used joyfully.  It should be used lovingly.

I'll take those words to heart David Cassidy.  And if you happen to be on the highway and see a car breezing by with the windows rolled down and an "old lady" singing along to "I Think I Love You," you'll knew it's me.  And as I pass by, I hope you'll join in song and remember David Cassidy.


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