THIS is Autumn?

It's official!  Autumn is here.  Or it will be at 4:02 this afternoon.  (Do we really want to split hairs over it??)

I love autumn; especially early autumn.  (Let's face it once we hit Veteran's Day we're practically in winter; especially with all the holiday "stuff" that is out there.  I won't even mention how little love the retailers give Thanksgiving.)  The colors, the smells, the TASTES (pumpkin spice anyone??):  I LOVE it!

Can't you feel fall by just looking at those photos?  (All are obviously from last year.)

As September winds down I've bought my mums and two small pumpkins. I can't wait until autumn officially begins to buy these.  Just as sunflowers say summer to me, so mums signify fall.  My son has started to decorate his room for Halloween.  (It might be his favorite holiday of all.)  The outside of the house will be adorned with spooky decorations starting next week.  (My own official rule is that Halloween items should not go up until the last week of September at the earliest.)  I've got my pumpkin spice coffee and creamer.  I've bought crispy, golden delicious apples and have been eating them every day at lunch.  I've swapped out my summer candle for a spiced pumpkin one.  I am READY for autumn.

So will someone tell Mother Nature to check her watch?  The calendar says the 22nd of September, but here in North NJ temperatures are in the 80s.  As a matter of fact, we may break a temperature record on Sunday by reaching 90!  90?!?  On the 24th of September?  Are you KIDDING me???

I've got nothing against warm weather.  I reveal in it. But this is just wrong!

Back in August, I had my heater on in my office.  I went home after work and took a HOT bath and wrapped up because I was so cold.  Although the furnace in my home didn't kick in, it came close a couple of times.  (It's not turned off, but turned down and if the house got colder than 61 it would have turned on.  There were several days over the summer where the thermostat read 61!)  Shivering in August?  Where were the dog days?

And while I expect warm, maybe even hot, days in September, I certainly don't expect to need an air conditioner by the last week of the month. Definitely not for day after day.  A one or two day spike in the temperature is not unusual, but a week where temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s? This is NJ, not FL!  

Now I realize that there are much more serious weather issues going on in our world right now.  My heart cries for the people who have been affected by the numerous hurricanes and storms that have been battering parts of the countries. (There have been so many I'm afraid to even name them, least I leave one out.)  I know first-hand the devastation of wind and water.  (Sandy may have happened nearly 5 years ago, but I will NEVER forget!)  And I've certainly no intention to make light of their situation.  In fact, I think it's time Mother Nature got her head on straight and stopped all this stormy madness and brought us back some "normal" weather.  For me that means an autumn of warmish days and cool nights.  Crisp mornings perfect for that pumpkin spice coffee and evenings meant for a class of wine by a fire pit.

So listen up Mother Nature, we all need a little break.  We all need a little calm.  Bring a little peace to those devastated areas.  Keep it warm and dry where it's needed.  Tone down the heat here in the northeast just a little bit.  And if you're feeling up to it, drop on by for a class of wine this weekend.  We can talk about what I expect this winter. 


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