No Weigh Tuesday...

I would have liked to have titled with No Weigh Wednesday because of the alliteration, but the truth is it's Tuesday and I have learned over the past 4 weeks (5 if you count when is started) NOT to weigh myself on a Tuesday.  It's just too darned depressing.

Let's go back five Tuesdays ago when I stepped on a scale and to quote myself found that the number "scared the shit out of me."  (And being the person that I am I blogged about it a few days later:  I start this journey with Weight Watcher again that day; jumping in with both feet.

Because I was a returning member, my weekly weigh in date was set for Friday.  That was the day I weighed in the last time I was on the plan.  Now I can change that day, but I decided not to. My weight on the day that I started WW was high and I knew the first few pounds would come off relatively quickly (notice I didn't say easily) and when I did my official weigh in three days later, I had dropped 3 pounds.  Awesome!  But I knew the journey was just beginning:

I knew the second and following weeks would be hard, still by the 1st of September, I was down just over five pounds.  Even more awesome!  

But after that weekend, where I knew I ate more than I should have (and drank more too.)  It was a three day weekend (3-1/2 if count the fact that I was still on summer hours at work at the time). So I decided to check in on Tuesday with my scale to see where I was.

Although I am always one to say, numbers are not what is important, I've got to be honest and say I DO get obsessed with those scale numbers.  I KNOW I shouldn't.  I "preach" that you shouldn't.  Yet I do!  That number had moved back up; and more than just a pound.


It was time to put in some more exercise.  And let me say that I DO exercise every single day usually for about 90 minutes.  Now I had to ramp that up in the next few days.  I did.  And on Friday, the "official" day; I was down again.  Now I was down six pounds.  But the ONLY reason I lost that one pound that week was because I worked my tail off.

Another weekend; friends come over for a bar-b-que and there is wine.  I completely lose it when it comes to counting points.  And I wasn't much better the next day (which involved spaghetti and more wine.)  Once again I did my Tuesday check in.  Can you guess what happened?

Now I was really in the exercise mode.  Not only was I doing my morning walk for 90 or so minutes but I was also doing 20-40 minutes at lunch.  AND I was being very careful with the points that I had.

Friday rolls around and...Yes, I lost again!  Score!

But you ARE seeing the pattern here, aren't you?

So here I am 5 Tuesdays in. I have learned my lesson yet?  I tried to be good this weekend.  I didn't wait to ramp up my walking regime.  I've been doing mega-walking since Friday (where I did 105 minutes in the morning and 42 at lunch).  I came close to a non-stop 2 hour walk on Saturday.  And yet, when I did what I am now calling my Tuesday morning wake up weigh in...

Yes, Tuesday morning weigh ins are discouraging.  They are also a warning to keep myself honest. I may never come to accept that I need to close my mouth some more.  I may never learn that I wouldn't have to do all this extra walking/working out (and trust me, my legs and butt are hurting from all of it) if I just worked harder at staying "on point" (as it were).  But as discouraging as it may be, I NEED to keep myself going.  Because I AM going in the right direction. 

And if the number is NOT what I want on Friday, I need to remind myself that it is JUST a number.  (Practice what you preach girl.)  While I want that number to keep going lower, I can say that even though I still haven't gotten rid of that tummy pouch of fat (how many of us do and hate it?), I can feel my ribs (who the heck wants to lose weight around there) and my arms are slightly more shapely and muscular (I use arm weights while I walk.)  These things mean as much as any number on that scale.  (I just need to convince myself of that.)

It's working towards the goal that is just as important as the goal itself.  It's always going to be about the journey.  Tuesdays mean it's time to kick into gear for that uphill battle.  Fridays may be time to celebrate the victory.   But be it Tuesday or Friday, the journey must and WILL go on.


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