Last Summer Friday...

Here we are at September 1st.  The Friday of Labor Day weekend.  Where did summer go?  (I know I just "complained" about this last week:  

The calendar claims that summer doesn't end until September 22nd, but we all know that Labor Day really marks the end of summer fun.  And temperatures today in my part of the world are just in the 60s!  (Totally shocking was the below 50s temps this morning when I went out to walk.)  Although I am still wearing white pants (it is the Friday BEFORE Labor Day after all),they are long and not the typical capris that I don in the summer.  I'm wearing long sleeves AND shoes NOT sandals.  Summer, summer...what happened?

The wonderful company that I work for offers summer hours (for those who have positions that allow for it).  Monday-Friday the work day is extended by an hour.  (We officially start an half an hour earlier than usual and close half an hour later; in reality I am usually here at the same hour any way so I just stay a little longer in the evening.)  Fridays we leave at noon.  It's a joy to pull out onto the highway on Fridays! (Even though I rarely leave exactly at noon and my work continues in fits and spurts throughout the day as I have a report that needs to be turned in for a Monday morning meeting and there is no way I am waiting till the last minute to do it even if it means checking in and finishing up around 7 PM on Friday.)  I have an afternoon to (pretty much) do what I'd like.  And sometimes what I'd like to do is nothing.  Nothing wrong with that on a summer's Friday.

Today is the last summer Friday of 2017.  (Even if it feels like the first Friday of October!)

School calls my son back on Wednesday. (Oh my God, I'll have to set his alarm clock and watch him as he SLOWLY drags himself out of bed, which can take a good 30  minutes or so!)   This means I'll be running around again in the mornings trying to get him AND myself out the door.  When school is out, my mornings are calmer.  Quieter too. 

And the traffic!  You know there will be more traffic!  UGH!

So long summer Friday...and hello to the reality of the autumn, winter and spring week days.


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