No, this post is not about the Disney movie... (Sorry fans)

It's about how I feel on this hot summer day.  Frozen.  I mean it.  FROZEN.

It IS summer.  It IS hot outside.  I do my morning walk and come home sweaty and smelly.  I open the windows and doors of our house in the morning to let the breezes in and then have hubby close them up mid-morning.  I re-open in the evening (before locking up for the night of course.)  We use ceiling fans.  There are window units in the two bedrooms that run all night long.

I dress in appropriate summer office attire.  I'm a warm weather person.  I've moved the cold weather clothes to the far side of the closet. (Since we have limited storage space.)  I'm happy to be putting on sleeveless blouses, summer skorts and sandals.  No tights or pantyhose for me.  I can bypass the coat rack.  I can jump in the car sans hats and gloves.  I can roll down the windows (and turn up the radio).  It IS Summer.

I drive to work.  I park the car, trying to find a slightly shaded spot. It IS summer and you know the car will be sweltering by the end of the day.  

I go into the office building.  Up in the elevator to the third (top) floor.  Down the hallway and open the door to the suite.  And it hits me.  

COLD air.  Not cool air; FRIGID air.  Enough to raise goosebumps on any exposed flesh.  

You probably think I am kidding or exaggerating, but I am not.  The woman in the cubicle next to mine has a digital thermometer on her desk.  Most mornings it reads 66.  Some days it has read 62.   It doesn't matter if it's in the 70s outside or soaring near the triple digits, the cold air blows.

My saving graces are as follows:  
  • My cubicle faces the glass window/walls which in turn face south east.  If the sun is shining, the temperature WILL rise. (Though not that much; I'm lucky if it hits 72.)
  • I have my "ugly" Christmas cardigan.  It is too large, but it is warm.  I DO wear it.  
  • My portable heater (brought from my last place of business where it got cold in the winter, but was never as intolerable as this.)
  • I take "smoke" breaks or as they really are:  outside breaks.  I go down the front stairs (which only lead outside), walk around the back of the building, warming up as I go and then go in the back door and up the stairs to the third floor to the office suite.  (Where I am met again with that blast of cold air.)
Now it's not just me.  Even my MALE co-workers (you know the ones who are ALWAYS hot) are shivering.  And it's not just my office suite.  I've met women in the ladies room wearing fleece sweatshirts.

You'd think that building management would want to do something about this.  I'm hoping they are.  (Multiple calls have been made.)  We've been told that the air is not air conditioning but just circulating air.  I don't think so!

For now, I'm taking a morning "outdoor" break and an afternoon one.  I go out for lunch to warm up.  I drive home in my car and don't roll the windows down until I'm nearly home.  (Which is when I am finally warmed up.)

I refuse to give up my summer clothes.  I'm just too happy that the warm weather is here.  And hopefully just by writing this post and "bitching about it" maybe I'll break the Frozen curse!


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