5 Days to 50 Days to 50

If you've read my blog post http://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/no-april-foolin.html   you'll recall that I'm challenging myself for the 50 days that lead up to my big (gulp) birthday.  It's a mindful approach to the big day.  I will be doing my best to stress less (giving myself time every day to relax/meditate), get exercise in every day (30 minutes minimum) and eat healthier.  

My focus will be on ME.  I want to feel better and I want to make conscious choices to that end. The emphasis is on conscious because I freely admit that I rarely THINK before doing.  My hands and my mouth are not easily controllable.  I speak to quickly some times and I definitely eat without thinking a majority of the time.  (The hands shoving whatever is within reach into the mouth is definitely a problem.)  So focusing on what I am doing when it comes to eating is going to be a BIG challenge for me.  I want to succeed when it comes to this challenge.  (That's my brain speaking, no my mouth, taste buds or stomach.  And it's definitely NOT my inner child speaking because that little girl is whining: "Give me MORE NOW!!!")  I know it's going to be hard, especially when I am at work.  Sitting at my desk, I mindlessly pop unhealthy food into my mouth.  (And the results have become evident over the past year and a half...YIKES!)  And while I will do my best to contain my "inner demons" I am certainly looking for advice for others as to how I might do this.  There is chewing gum.  (Sadly it loses it's flavor all too quickly).  There is flavored water.  Heck, I've even gnawed on pen caps.  (It gets pretty gross pretty fast.)  I'm open to any suggestions anyone out there might have to offer to help me keep on track.

I'm also guessing that I might get a little testy with this diet/lifestyle change.  I'm not proud; positive encouragement would be appreciated.  ANY encouragement would be greatly appreciated: for those of you who know me personally a text or a call is great.  Anyone else who wants to cheer on this person that you only know from her crazy blog posts, drop me an email or a comment here any time.  

Help me help myself; it's good karma!

(And stay tuned starting next Monday when I start off on this 50 days journey...if I know anything, I know it's going to be interesting!)


  1. I totally feel your pain on this one, when I'm in the office at my desk it seems I am constantly hungry. What about keeping a big bottle of water handy? Not that I do that...now I want candy. Or something.


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