1 Down...49 to Go???

If you've read my blog post http://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/5-days-to-50-days-to-50.html you know that I'm "celebrating" the big 50 this year. As I enter my half century (gulp...it hurts to say that), I'm trying to be a healthier me. That challenge started yesterday.

The 50 day count down just happened to start on Monday AND the day after a long weekend of work/play.  Once a year my husband and I attend/work a "convention" from Friday afternoon to Sunday night.  This means long hours (I went up to our room "early" on Friday and Saturday night:  around 1 AM), poor food choices ($23.48 for a bad breakfast buffet?  Thank GOD for friends who brought in bagels with all the fixings, juice and personalized cups Dunkin' Donuts coffee on Sunday morning.  Who says bring a toaster to a hotel is bad idea?) and alcohol.  (Avoiding last year's sticker shock after one drink at the bar, I brought my own bottle!)  So needless to say, going into this healthy kick on Monday morning was NOT easy.

But I have made a commitment to it.  I got out of bed on Monday morning at the usual early hour and did my walk.  I was slower than usual, but I kept going.  I did still consume my flavored creamer (chemically enhanced?) coffee.  Most of my daily diet consisted of fruit and veggies (in the form of a salad).  I did have a hot dog for dinner (only one though), but my only additional sweets were dark chocolate.  (And even that was done in moderation.)  Despite it being a crazy day, I even made time to close my eyes and meditate/relax in the middle of the day.  I went and sat in my car for 7 minutes to try and clear my mind...wasn't the 10 minutes I hoped/planned for, but it was something.  Add in the slow walk in the sunshine to the local grocery store on lunch (which was relaxing despite being in an industrial area), and I more than had the 10 minutes down.  (That sunshine on my face and neck felt FABULOUS!)

So I haven't been quite as "perfect" as I had hoped.  I've had more "junk" carbs than I said I'd like.  And I definitely haven't gotten enough rest (which wasn't part of the original written plan, but should be).  Today I am running on 4 hours of sleep.  (Due to waking up at midnight to make FP+ for my belated birthday celebration in WDW:  Only Disney fans will understand that.)  I walked again this morning.  (Again, not as fast as I would have liked, but considering that I was running on 4 hours of sleep.)  I had my "chemically enhanced" coffee and English muffin.  I've got my fruit, salad and dark chocolate to get me through the work day.  My big after work plan is to shower and climb into bed EARLY tonight.  (And this I am truly committed to!)

I have to say, despite all the modifications I have made to my original plan AND not getting enough sleep, I felt pretty good when I got up this morning.  (Tired, but good.)  Feeling good is important.  I hope to feel even better when I hit day 49.  But only time (and my continued commitment) will tell.


  1. I think you have to take baby steps on things like this. I push to try to do everything at once (more walking, less eating, less drinking etc) and it ends up blowing up in my face, I get discouraged and gain 5 lbs ;) Good luck on day #2 :) (Hope you got the FP you wanted!)


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