Going to Extremes?

I'll admit that I'm no political pundit.  I don't know all the facts when it comes to world policies.  I'd like to think I'm relatively well informed, but there's so much going on in our world and we are being constantly fed news from all sides.  I try to keep a cool head and try to look at things with a level of common sense.  (Although that seems to be harder and harder to do.)  So my question is why must we go to extremes?

From what I see on social media, we must accept ALL refugees.  Or conversely we should accept NONE. How can we accept refugees when we have homeless veterans?  Why should we accept refugees when there are hungry children in our own country who live on the street?  

Why must it be all or nothing?

Do we truly think that if we deny all refugees that we can solve our homeless problem?  I don't deny the fact that by accepting refugees we WILL see an uptick in homelessness.  But ignoring one isn't going to help the other.  Refusing help to one group isn't going to mean that another problem is going to be solved.  Or am I wrong?

I rarely agree whole heartedly with anything that I see on social media, but I recently came across a post that made me stop and think.   The post claimed that our issue/problem is not with Christians, Jews or Muslims etc., but with extremists. Perhaps it might be better if is said extremists who make their own ideology or pervert tenets that exist to fit their own visions.

Moderation is not a bad word.  We should remember that.  It seems to me that moderate is what the majority of the people in this world are.  Again, I'm not expert, but it appears that most people just want to go about their lives.  I don't think that the majority of any religious or ethnic group wants to go around blowing up others or themselves.  But who wants to read or hear about the average, ordinary and boring person?  Extremes are what make the new; even the “good extremes.”  (You might read about all the students who got straight As, but who wants to read about the kids who got Bs and Cs?)

Let's be moderate.  Let's work to help those who seek refuge in our country and do it in a safe, sane and common sense way.  And just because we're doing that doesn't mean we should ignore our veterans.  Nor should we ignore children or families in need.  It doesn't have to be one or the other, does it?  

We can't be extremists.  We need to be rational and moderate.  We need to know that we can't save everyone in this world.  What we CAN do is help those in need no matter what the circumstances might be. 


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