Did You Fall?

This weekend has certainly been a busy one.  Halloween on Saturday; the NY Marathon on Sunday. In the midst of everything, did you remember to fall back?

We gained an hour Sunday morning or Saturday night depending on how you look at it.  Of course you could also say that we didn't really gain an hour, we just got it back from that evil morning when we lost it this spring.

It may be a little lighter when I go for a walk in the morning.  (Although who knows how much longer I will be able to do that.  Some days have been so cold that I swear I am giving up and staying inside until the spring.  Then the next day will be so warm I will wonder how I could ever consider NOT going outside for a walk.  Then the frost comes back again and I'm loathe to even get out of bed.)  The drive home at the end of the day will be dark (or close to it).  While it will be nice not to have the sun glaring in my eyes (there is one treacherous curve where I have to slow to a crawl because I can barely see with the glare), driving home in the dark can be incredibly depressing.

With the oncoming cold and dark it does feel like I've "fallen."  Fallen into a dark pit.  It's no wonder people tend to get depressed at this time of year.  Days are getting shorter and colder.  Depresses me just to think of it.

But, it's not all doom and gloom now that we've "fallen back."  We've got lots to look forward to: Thanksgiving (here in the US), Christmas/Hanukkah, and a new year are right around the corner.  In less than 2 months the days will start to get longer again.

Don't fall into the trap of letting the shortened daylight get you down; lighten up your life with candles.  (And how about a good meal and a glass of wine with friends to go with that candle light?).  The cold just gives you a better excuse to cuddle up to those you love.  And remember, although we have fallen back, we will surely spring forward again.


  1. I'm loving the light early in the morning but the dark by 5pm thing is depressing here, kind of messes with my overall evening schedule. We try to take a short walk (only 1/2 mile) together every evening around the neighborhood and we are going to have to just start earlier, it was pitch black last night when we thought about going.


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