What Does The Rodent Know???

With Super Bowl madness (No, I didn't watch the game or even any of the commercials...I did see Katy Perry and was disappointed that she didn't jump the shark) and all the snow/sleet/ice that's hit us today, I'd almost forgotten that today was a "holiday."  (Although I suppose for some the day AFTER the Super Bowl IS a holiday.)  It's the 2nd of February; time for us to let a furry little fellow tell us when spring might arrive.  (Never mind the fact that spring arrives in 46 days according to the calendar.)  Of course I don't know WHICH rodent to believe, the famed Phil (From Punxsutawney) saw his shadow and says 6 more weeks.  Closer to home, Staten Island Chuck DIDN'T see his shadow, so we SHOULD be in for an early spring. (No word yet from Essex Ed who is really close to home.  With all the snow and ice how can he even find his way out of the ground, let alone see his shadow?)

I'm no rodent, but I have a feeling that we will have a late spring this year.  I hope I'm wrong, but it seems like winter took a while to hit us full force (that is ignoring the snow that we had here the day before Thanksgiving).  And now that it's hit; it's hitting pretty hard.  (Yes, it could be worse, but let's not push it!)  So my thought is that winter will linger and spring will make a slow appearance.  Again, I hope I'm wrong, but let's face it can I be any wronger (or righter) than a groundhog?


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