The Bluebird of Happiness?

I'm not looking for the bluebird of happiness; although it would be nice if he would settle on my front lawn.  What I AM looking for is a robin.

When my grandmother was alive, she would always look for a robin to signify that spring was on the way.  It became a sort of game or a challenge for all of us.  Who would spy the first robin of the season?  And you couldn't just say you'd seen one; you had to give its location (front lawn, neighbor's tree, etc.) Even with my grandmother's passing, my mother and I still keep up the tradition of seeking that first robin.  It's a tradition I have passed on to my son.  A challenge and a competition that is fun for all ages.

But this year we are nearing the end of February and I haven't seen one.  (Although I do have a friend who claims he has seen one, but he's not in the same state and I don't know how much I can trust him! ;) )  It's no surprise.  It's been brutally cold this month. (Not the coldest February on record though.  However since I wasn't around for the top two; one of which occurred in the 1800s and the other which was in the early 1930s, this has been the coldest February in MY lifetime and I've been around for a while!)  The ground is still not visible.  No early bird could catch a worm unless they wanted to drill through several inches of snow to get it.

With the month ending, I'm hoping the cold snap will end too.  My hopes rise as the temperatures do.  Who ever thought I'd rejoice in hearing that it would be above freezing for most of next week?  Who ever thought I'd be happy when it hit 20? 

Who knows maybe by mid-March there will be a patch of brown-gray-green in my front yard?  (Can't be green until the sun actually hits the grass and gives it some life again.)  Maybe then the robins will come home.  And I once again will be happily complaining about the sparrows nesting my front awnings.

As the sun arises on the horizon a bit earlier each day, I hear more birds.  Hopefully some they will be joined by a few robins and then I will know that spring is truly on its way.


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