Frustration at 5 Months

It's been exactly 5 months today since my dad got ill (and just two days shy of when he was first admitted to the hospital).  I proudly declared back in January that he was through with his hyperbaric treatments and doing well.

I spoke too soon.

It started out with a simple scrap (or so it's been assumed) and it continues to be the little things that lead to bigger and badder ones.  This time it was something as simple as a blister on his second toe (next to the big toe that was partially amputated).  Blister opened and got infected.  (How many of us get blisters?  How few of them result in an infection.)  He was started on oral antibiotics and a daily routine of cleaning and bandaging the infected area.  (All done by my mom.)  Weekly they would visit the wound care center as well as the podiatrist who did the surgery.  Earlier in the week the appointment was cancelled due to the snow and ice and rescheduled for yesterday.  Podiatrist took a look at the toe and sent him to the ER.  Where he and my mom sat and waited and waited and waited...(it is, after all, a busy season for ER.  Snow and ice brings out the worst for us all.)  After 6 hours he was moved to a private room (infection, after all) and 8 hours later they started IV treatments.

Now the good news is that they caught this early.  (Of course that's what they said the LAST time and he ended up having part of his big toe lopped off.)  He's NOT in ICU.  He feels well enough. (Although the cellulitus creeping up his leg can't be a good thing.)  He's getting treatment.  And I'm just praying that this is the last of it.  (How many times can I say that prayer?)

So what is the point of this long and somewhat boring blog (other than letting me vent and keep a history of this whole lousy affair)?  No point other than to say; it's not over till it's over.  Always be prepared and take care of the ones you love.  And keep your mouth (or in my case blog) shut or you'll tempt fate (and you don't want to do that).


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