The People In Your Neighborhood

"Who are the people in your neighborhood?  The people that you meet when you're walking down the street; they're the people that you meet each day!"

As Sesame Street was a part of my childhood, so was this song.  But do we really know the people in our neighborhood?  In this age of social media, do we meet anyone walking down the street?  Do we even walk down the street anymore?  We need to.  (Ok, maybe not today when it's so cold out, but...)

Living in the suburbs on a small dead end street, I am blessed enough to know everyone who lives on my street.  Maybe I don't know them well, but I know who they are.  I know that I am lucky to have them around.  And during difficult times, they have been there for me and I'd like to think that I have been there for them too.

We may not be best friends. Of course some of them I am closer to than others.  In some cases perhaps we are not even friends but just neighbors, but I know them well enough and I  would not feel uncomfortable knocking on anyone's door for any reason.  Some of the most joyous times in my life have been shared with my neighbors; as have some of my most sorrowful ones. It brings me great peace of mind knowing that if I needed help, I could ask any one of them.  I hope that they know the same.  

We are all part of a community no matter where we live and it's important to know that the people around. Hopefully these are people around who will be there to support you when you need it. 

The people in your neighborhood should not just be the people who live next door or down the block.  We all need community; small or large.  We don't need to know everyone intimately, but we should know those who we share a block or apartment building.  There will be a time when we need each other; there will be a time when we should celebrate and share joy together.  We should look out for each other and be there for each other.  

To some extent social media has made this easier.  In other ways it has isolated us.  While it makes it easier to communicate during these cold winter months, nothing beats a friendly hello or even a wave in the spring, summer or fall.

Who are the people in your neighborhood?  


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