One Month (almost) Down

January is almost over which to me means we're getting closer to spring. For anyone who knows me (or reads this blog on a semi-regular basis -- there must be someone out there), you know that I anxiously count down the days until the warmer weather arrives.  For me, January and February are the "worst" months of the year; cold and dark (although I can see that it is getting lighter to the west when I drive home from work in the evening).  I plod through them, ever anxious to see them go.  (Yes, these are my grumpy months).  Now that we are moving forward to February just a few random thoughts and observations from me.

  • There are only two places I like to see ice:  in my drink and on the rink.  Right now I don't need ice in my drinks (unless I'm making a frosty adult beverage -- which I generally am not during these cold months).  I wouldn't mind being out on the rink.  For the first time in 30+ years I put on a pair of skates and made my way around the ice.  I wasn't good and I certainly wasn't graceful, but it was fun.  I'd like to do it more often.  There are rinks not too far from me, but the doing it on vacation where I could walk from my room right to the rink made it more enjoyable.  I doubt as if I'll do it again this season unless I can figure out a way to get my unmotivated butt to one of our local rinks.  (And find a time where they offer free skate for old people who don't know what the heck they are doing but are having fun anyway).
  • Shoveling snow is good exercise and like all exercise should be done in moderation.  I'm not a fan of snow, but I do like it more than ice.  While neither are fun to drive in, snow is definitely easier to clear away. Yes, my muscles ache after an hour of shoveling, but it is a good ache and I like the feeling of getting something accomplished.  That said, I'm not asking for any more snow.  We may have dodged a bullet here in NJ earlier this week when the huge amounts of snow predicted did not materialize, but I'm not complaining.  Shoveling 6 or so inches was enough.  If we get more I'll be glad to for the exercise, but I'm not asking for it.
  • I love my LL Bean Wicked Good Shearling boots (even more than my duck shoes which I've had for a 15 year if not more!)  I'm not shilling for LL Bean; although I do think they are a great company with good quality goods. (I'd be more than willing to shill for them if they wanted me too -- I'm payable in cash or goods -- but let's face it that's not going to happen.  I don't blog for profit; I blog for fun and I say it like it is).  While I love these boots, I'm getting tired of wearing them day in and day out.  Someday I'll get to wear heels again and maybe even be semi-fashionable!  (Dream on!)
  • I'm sorry that the storm prevented me from attempting Chipotle's Sofrita Burrito promotion.  (Again not shilling here, but would be happy to do so...anyone listening).  Since a Chipotle opened in the next town over I've become a fan (despite a few mis-steps on their part).  While I'm a steak and/or Baracoa woman (would love to try their carnitas, but am a little hesitant because carnitas is so close to chicken and with my poultry allergies I don't want to end up in the hospital) but I was willing to give sofritas a go.  But it was not to be.  For me, common sense (getting home safely and staying off the road) prevented me from going out for lunch or dinner on the day of their promotion.  I haven't heard if it went well or not, but if they decide to do it again, I'd like to give it ago.  In the meantime I'll just stay with my Baracoa burrito bowl. (And curse you Chipotle for addicting me to guacamole -- a food I never knew that I liked until I met you!) 
  • I may never get a planned vacation this year.  Because my company closed for the holidays at the end of the year, I used up vacation time I didn't have.  So I'm paying for it now...Don't get me wrong, I am GLAD that I had the time off (and it resulted in one of the best mini-vacation trips we've had in a LONG time), but I also love planning time off in the warmer months.  (The time of year that I LOVE).  Of course can one ever get enough vacation time?
  • I am grateful that the people who run the company I work for have common sense.  Although the snow that was predicted didn't come, a plan was in place.  We closed for the day so I didn't have to worry about digging out and driving in treacherous conditions.  They also closed the office early on the day that the snow started.  While driving home in the snow is never fun or easy, it is easier to do in the daylight hours.  And also a heck of a lot safer.
  • Speaking of playing it safe; I should never have said anything about my dad being finished with treatment.  While he IS done with the hyperbaric sessions, there has been yet another setback (which I am hoping is minor). Believe it or not, a blister that he got on his 2nd toe (next to the big toe which was partially amputated) opened up and he has a new infection.  (Can we NOT catch a break here?).  On oral antibiotics and my mom (bless her) is once again playing nurse and wrapping and treating every day.  (Which scares the crap of out her...can you blame her after all that has gone on)?   Not to be a negative Nellie (ok, maybe I am here):  Is this ever going to be over?  Is it wrong for me to just want my dad to be "normal" again?  Is it wrong for him to just want to take a shower without a bag over his foot/leg?
  • Finally, as we enter February, I'm sure many people will be watching the Super Bowl.  It will come as no surprise that I am not a big sports fan.  For me what is important (and this IS a plug) is SOUPER BOWL Sunday.  If you've been around long enough, I blogged about it last year:  I know I will make a donation this year and I encourage you to visit their website: 


  1. I'm here (and reading)! I can tell you I even saw some little daffodils poking their little green stems up down here (don't be jealous.) I always feel better as it starts to stay lighter later and I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You might have to un-friend me in Feb though as we are headed on a much needed tropical vacation-I'll email you some sunshine!!


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