We're 5 days into the New Year, but it seems to me that this is the "real" first day.  It's the first day of school for the new year and the first day of work for me in 2015.  Those previous days were wonderful, but they really didn't count.  I was still in holiday and vacation mode.  Today it is back to reality.  Today, 2015 really begins and I am resolved that this year will be a good one.

I had high hopes for 2014.  (Don’t we all start a new year with hopes and positive dreams?) The year did not live up to its potential.  (Perhaps I didn't live up to my potential either.)  There were plenty of good things in 2014 as evidenced by our happy/grateful jar which we empty the first day of every new year so that we can see how many blessings we really have had over the past 365 days.  But there were too many bad things; too many illnesses and hospitalizations and too many deaths.  There was too much financial unsteadiness and employment unease.  The winter was too cold and too long.  The summer never really came.  The fall passed all too quickly.

But now we are in a new year and I while I won't make any resolutions, I am resolved to see that this one is good one.  Both my son and my husband will enter new birth decades and this is worth celebrating.  (Can it really be 10 years since my son came into this world?  It seems like yesterday; and yet it seems so long ago.)  2015 will be a one of promise and I resolve to see all that all the promise the year holds be fulfilled.  (At least as best as I can.)

I resolve to be as positive as I can be.  To face each day with the knowledge that I CAN make a difference in this world; even if it is a small difference.  To start the day with a smile and to share that smile.

I am sure I will have my complaints I am sure that I will have my "Debbie Downer" days.  But I do not intend to focus on those.  I will allow them, but they will only be a small part of my life.  

Here I am in 2015.  I am starting it out with a smile and the anticipation that it will be full of lots of wonderful things.  I resolve that at the end of the year I will look back and say that this was a good year.  And that my gratitude/happy jar will overflow...maybe I'll even have to have two jars this year!

Happy 2015 to you all.  Resolve to make it a positive one.


  1. Happy New Year, I had some personal commitments yesterday so today is my "back to reality" day. I watched so many people hurting and sick in 2014 (and even the beginning of 2015 already) that I am resolved to live each day to its fullest!!


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