Sometimes God Wants You To Stay Home...

This past Sunday, just like nearly every Sunday I got up and planned to go to church.  I stepped outside to get the newspaper and immediately changed my mind.  Though the steps and walkway looked damp, they were in fact, a sheet of ice.  I knew that there would be no way that I could get my car out of the garage as our driveway is a heavily sloped.  An hour or so later I received a call (as well as several emails):  due to treacherous conditions (the police had advised all residents to stay off the roads and indoors if possible), weekly church services were canceled.  Sometimes God wants you to stay home.

One of the greatest God given gifts we receive is the gift of common sense.  Sadly, these days this gift is ignored as common sense has become less common!  We ignore our "gut feelings" and messages from the heart.  There is a reason for these feelings and more often than not, they are right!  And they need to be listened to!

Going to church on a regular basis is important in my life.  Going to work is a necessity in my life.  But when the weather is bad (and I'm not talking a little rain or snow), neither is worth risking my well-being for.  The cost of life is much more than a weekly paycheck.  (And believe me I NEED my weekly paycheck!)  What is the point of going to church if putting the life that God gave is at risk by getting into a car on an icy day?

The smartest thing that I did yesterday was NOT go out.  I stayed inside, safe with my family.  We didn't do much, but we were safe and sound.

This morning the sun shone bright.  Much of the ice had melted.  The ice that was left coating my front steps, I carefully salted.  Unlike many, I did have to go to work today.  I was cautious as I made my way down the driveway (wearing my husband's cleats).  I gave myself plenty of extra time to get to work (even though I knew traffic would be light due to the holiday).  I drove slowly and cautiously.  I had no troubles.  I just used my common sense.

God gave us all common sense.  Don't forget to use it!  When that voice inside you pipes up, take the time to listen and respond.  Because sometimes God wants you to stay home.


  1. Picturing you in the cleats-hee hee. Working today here as well. Glad you didn't go out Sunday I have seen a lot of scary videos.


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