The Last Month of the Year

Here we are at the end of 2014.  How did we get to December so quickly?  (How did it get to be the middle of the month?  Or since we've passed the 15th are we already rushing to the end?) Why do the months that preceded it seem like years ago?

I remember the long hard winter we had (and fear for another one). Spring and summer seem to have tumbled into one and autumn didn't seem to exist (maybe because I spent pretty much all of September and October and part of November/December visiting hospitals and care centers with my father being so ill).  2014 seems to have blended into a mass haze for me and somewhere in my brain we've already morphed into 2015.

So what can I do with the rest of this last month?  I (and you) can do my best to enjoy it.  To try and slow down a bit and maybe catch up on what the past 11 months have all been about.  I want to make this month count and not be a blur like so much of the year has been for me.  That may mean that some stuff that is "crucial" may get pushed to the side.

My plans for this last month of the year are to focus on the season and on my family.  Despite the fact that the month is more than halfway over, I'm going to make sure that I carve out time to:

  • Play more games of Scrabble. (I have an ulterior motive here; I'm trying to get my son's spelling skills up to snuff and figure this can't hurt.)
  • Go for drives and take in the holiday decorations around our local area. (Did this one already this season and need to do it at least once more.  There's so much to see and with gas prices being "reasonable" there's all the more reason to go back out)
  • Go to the zoo for its festival of lights. (  It's a chance for some exercise, holiday fun AND giving back to the community as well.
  • Bake holiday cookies and make sure that my son helps.  I've always done this on my own, but it could be a great lesson for him (and me to learn that I don't have to do it all myself.)
  • Embrace my inner silliness.  

I want to make this last month one of memories and fun.  Because before I know it I will be writing about the end of 2015...unless I take my own advice and slow down and enjoy.


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