One Step Forward, One Step Back. Now We're Doing The Cha-Cha?

Step forward, step back and cha-cha-cha.  Seems like my life has become this little dance.  Or that's how I'm choosing to look at it.

My family took a big step forward in early November when my dad came home from the rehab center and seemed well on the path to recovery.  Then we took the step back...and boy was it a big one!

Right before Thanksgiving my father got ill and showed all the symptoms that had plagued him when this nasty roller coaster ride of an infection started.  Being the smart woman that my mother is, she took him to the hospital (which is where he was heading later that day anyway for some follow up at the wound care center).  He was readmitted.

That in itself would be a step back, but not a big step back.  The big step back was to follow, but that comes later; after my MOM was admitted to the hospital the same day.  No, I'm not kidding.  While in the hospital my mother had "an event".  She heartbeat was irregular and she nearly blacked out; not once but twice!  (The second time she did it right in front of my dad's cardiologist in the ER!)

Needless to say, our family Thanksgiving plans were changed somewhat.  Our small gathering just became smaller.  And my daily routine became:  drive to the hospital, visit mom on the 2nd floor, visit dad on the 5th floor, report back to mom on the 2nd floor and drive home.  Cook a meal and repeat.  (Are we doing the cha-cha yet???)

Now as unfortunate and distressing as this all may seem; it was not the end of the world.  Both my parents got good care and since it was the holiday weekend, I actually had time to visit and take care of things.  Mom's problem was treated with new medications and she was released late Friday.  (There's another step forward for you.)

But we wouldn't be dancing unless we took another step back.  And that came in the form of a doctor saying that my dad's infection had infiltrated the bone of his big toe on his left foot.  This was something completely new and unexpected.  He still had some wounds, but we'd always been concerned about the one on his ankle/leg.  Well that was not infected, but the toe was a big problem.  As a result, the doctor needed to do a partial amputation.  (That's a GIANT step back!)

Earlier this week, the surgery was done and I have to say that my dad seems to be doing well.  (Taking that step forward again.)  I am hoping that with some rehab (fingers crossed; this time done in the hospital's facility) he'll be back home again within the next few weeks and will continue to improve.

I'm HOPEful (relating back to my earlier blog of the week) that 2015 will be devoid of the cha-cha.  But I'm always up for the Charleston!


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