The second Sunday in Advent:  Peace. A fitting topic the day also commemorates the 73rd anniversary of Pearl Harbor; a day where peace was shattered.  A day when we should remember the past and pray for peace now and in the future.

But the question for me personally is, do I have peace?  With Christmas less than a month away how can I find peace?   Even as I sit down to write this, my mind is running in a million different directions.  There is so much I have to do and not just for the holiday season.  How do I make time to fit it all in?  How can I find peace in my heart when my father is in the hospital?  How can I even address the bigger question of who I can make peace in the world?  If I don’t stop the chaos that clutters my mind and my life, there can be no peace.

There's the wonderful song/hymn "Let There Be Peace On Earth “which says "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."  I take that as if I want there to be peace on earth, I first must be at peace with myself.  (Idealistically, I can say that if we all found peace within ourselves than peace would prevail throughout the world.  Realistically, I know that my theory will never be proven or disproven.)

I cannot control peace (or chaos) in this world, but I CAN make an effort to find my own peace.  That most likely means letting go.  Letting go of things that I feel are important or that I feel I NEED to do, that in the long run really mean nothing. Finding the real important things in my life like visiting my father every day, even if it only for 20-30 minutes. For me, to achieve that peace might mean that the dust bunnies stay where they are.  And I need to learn to be okay with that; to be at peace.

Peace doesn't come easy to me.  I am a high stress kind of girl and slowing down and enjoying the moments of peace is something that I need to make a concerted effort to do.  It might not be easy, but I know it will be worth it.  To relax and let peace come in means to live in the moment and soak up the here and now.

If I let peace in this advent; who knows what the rest of the holiday season and what the coming year might be like.


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