It's Election Day and if you think your vote doesn't count for much, talk to the man in my town who lost his bid for town council by ONE vote.  (And he did so with so much grace that the leaders of this nation should take note of.)

But it was only town council, that doesn't count for much, right?  WRONG.  Every election, nationwide, statewide or small little town DOES count.   The people YOU vote for determine how your town, your state and your country is run.  (Ok, so that is oversimplifying it, but you get the idea).

So get out there and cast your vote today (unless you've already voted by absentee ballot; in which case kudos to you for thinking ahead!)  But don't vote because I'm telling you.  Don't vote for the Democratic Party OR the Republican Party (or any party in between).  Don't vote because a candidate is the same race as you or the same religion or the same sex (or sexual orientation).  Vote for the person you believe in.  Vote for the PERSON who you think will do the best job.  Don't vote for or against someone because of unimportant things like social status.  Vote because you have the right to vote; a right that was hard fought for. ('s_suffrage_in_the_United_States tells one heck of a tale).

I'm happy to say that I was number one at the poll today.  (What can I say I'm an early morning person; I actually arrived 2 minutes early and had to wait till 6 to cast my ballot.)  But number in line or time does not matter.  No matter what the news outlets or social media may say, you never know which way an election will go.  (Google Thomas E. Dewey if you don't already know the story.)

Go out and vote today; because you CAN!


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