Is It Time to Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away.  You wouldn't know it if you entered any shopping mall.  It's all about Christmas.  In many cases it's been all about Christmas since September.  I know the day before Halloween I was driving by the local garden center and there was a Giant Inflatable Santa on the front of the building and off to the side, but still visible were haystacks, pumpkins and other assorted "Halloween" items...I was wondering if I'd missed the memo on a new holiday:  Hallo-mas or maybe Christween???

Now I realize retailers need to make money and hopefully a holiday push will mean more seasonal jobs.  (I hear employment is up, but I'm not seems like the "traditional" job market is long gone and has been replaced by "contract" positions, part time positions and "seasonal help," but that's a blog for another day.)  But it would be nice if we could celebrate a holiday on its own without pushing the next one down our throats.  Or even worse, skipping over a holiday like Thanksgiving.

I suppose it's because there's not much to "sell" for Thanksgiving; other than food items.  Although I suppose there could be push (and maybe there is and I'm just missing it) for "Thanksgiving wear".  After all, we're spending time with family don't we want to look our best?  (Maybe I'm just showing my age here.)

I love Halloween; I have to, it's my kid's favorite holiday (at least up until November 1st).  I love Christmas too.  But I'd like a pause, a break as it were, between the two so that I could focus on Thanksgiving.  A time when we could all focus on being thankful.  As bad as things may seem at time, there is always something to be thankful for.

I've set my Thanksgiving plans.  I've got a time for the meal.  I've got the menu (almost) down.  I still need to do more cleaning.  (I ALWAYS need to do more cleaning!)  However, over all, I am ready for Thanksgiving.  And I'm NOT going to push Christmas.  No holiday decorations; no plans for holiday shopping.  (Although I confess I did do some yesterday).  It's time to focus on Thanksgiving. Time to focus on being with loved ones (be they family or friends).  It's time to be thankful and reflect on all the blessings I have.

I'm going to try, for the next week or so, to focus on celebrating Thanksgiving.  To BE thankful.  

(Full confession:  Once Thanksgiving is over and the guests have gone home, all bets are off!  It will be full speed ahead on all things Christmas!)


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