On Being a Quiet Friend

I'm blessed to have many different friends.  I have friends on the extreme right, extreme left and somewhere in the middle.  I have friends who are gay and friends who are straight.  I have friends who have strong religious beliefs in a wide variety of religions and I have friends who shun religion all together.  I have friends who I communicate with nearly every day (in some form or another...the internet can be a wonderful and powerful tool when friends live across the globe) and friends I don't talk to/hear from as much as I would like.  I love them all in my own way.

My way is often to be quiet. It's not everyone's way and it some may not understand it, but it is my way and I do it out of respect and love.

Sadly, recently, several of my friends have had crises in their lives.  Sadly, over the past few months, my life has been filled with some chaos and crisis as well.  And while I may have had to focus on my own problems and issues, it doesn't mean I have kept these friends in my thoughts and prayers.

To all my friends, know that I am always here for you.  Know that I love you in my quiet way.  During your times of stress and strife, I am here for you whenever you need me.  I know that when times are difficult the last thing you need is someone in your face.  In times of sorrow, sometimes we don't want a crowd of people; we just want to be left alone.  And that is okay!  If you want my shoulder to lean on, I am here.  If you want to just go off and be by yourself, that's okay too.  It's okay to call me in the middle of the night if you need me, but it's also okay to tell me to leave you alone.  

Friends, I am here.  I am not going to crowd into your life when you need solitude (or if I think you need solitude...if I'm wrong, feel free to yell it out to me!).

I am here.  I am quietly thinking of you.  If you need me to be loud, I will be.  

I am here for you, physically or not.  You are my friend(s) be you close or far.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  When you need me, I will be there.  And when you don't, I will still be here, thinking of you, praying for you and loving you.


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