It's Not Winter, Is It?

According to my calendar, winter isn't "due" for about another month.  Yet my front lawn (where I've seen bits of snow...not big globs, but bits) and the thermometer tell me otherwise.

Yes, I realize that autumn is coming to an end.  That December is right around the corner.  But I am NOT ready for winter yet.

I know, I shouldn't be complaining.  The Midwest and New England have seen their share of snow and cold.  But I am not ready for this!

Yes, we’ve had snowfall earlier in the season.  (I'm still trying to block out the Halloween that was "cancelled" due to all the snow.)  And yes, we've had colder temperatures, but after the LAST winter we had (which I realize was NOT the coldest OR the snowiest on record, but it sure felt like it) I think we deserve a little break.

Obviously Mother Nature does not agree with me.

In my mind, winter should start on December 21st and end somewhere in early March.  Snow is fine for Christmas and maybe a little in early January, but then that's enough.

So quit with the cold, please.  There's another 30 or so days to go until winter officially begins.  Until then, if you would be kind enough, keep it in the upper 50s and lower 60s. After all, it's autumn, NOT winter.


  1. I know, I feel like hibernating already. My hands and feet just won't warm up. I'm glad I'm headed out West for Thanksgiving!!


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