A Royal Birthday

In England today they will be celebrating Prince George's first birthday.  In years gone past, here in the US, "American Royalty" would have celebrated Rose Kennedy's birthday.  At my home today we are celebrating my husband's birthday.  To me, it's just as important as either of the above.  He is, after all, king of the castle. (Although the Queen rules the roost!)

It may not be in our budget to have a royal celebration, but we will celebrate just the same.  Even if it is in our own quiet fashion.  (It will be especially quiet as our son is away at camp this week...but that's a whole other blog post.)

It's been 9 years since I threw him a really big bash (which just happened to fall on a weekend).  In hindsight, that was less of a birthday party and more of a "Daddy" shower.  I certainly didn't intend it that way, but guests arrived with gifts that were less "manly" and more "baby."  I certainly don't think that my husband expected gifts of bibs, pacifiers and other assorted baby clothes, but that is what he got.  And they were probably the best birthday gifts he could have gotten.  It solidified his status as "Daddy."  Maybe it even gave him confidence.  Maybe it told him that even if he didn't think he was ready to be a dad, his friends did.  

Less than two weeks later he would be holding his son in his arms.  He would be changing diapers.  He would be feeding him with a tiny bottle. He would be the primary caregiver.

It was a role that he excelled at.  I knew that he would.   And to this day, he and my son have a special bond that goes beyond just being father and son.

So July 22nd is just his birthday; it's also a "rebirth" day of sorts.  A day not only to celebrate his actual birthday, but to celebrate the dad that he was to become.

Happy Birthday "Dad".  It's not just a title; it's not just a job; it is YOU.


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