A Beautiful Autumn Morning

I went out for my daily walk this morning.  It was a bit chilly, so instead of the usual t-shirt and shorts, I had on a sweatshirt and made sure I had a good pair of socks too.  (I often go sockless; yes I have stinky sneakers.)

It was a perfect morning for walking.  Cool; maybe even a bit brisk.  The deer were out enjoying the dawn too.  There were plenty of dog walkers out as well; wearing their sweats to keep the early morning chill at bay.

It was indeed a beautiful autumn morning.  Just one small problem; it’s the end of July!

Now I'm NOT complaining.  I'm not one who likes to huff, puff and sweat through a humid 90+ degree morning in the summer.  I'm thrilled to sleep at night with the windows open.  I'm not a big fan of the "white noise" of our window air conditioning unit.  I much prefer sleeping with all the windows open and listening to the sounds of nature and I wish I knew what insects make those "hushing" noises.  It's NOT the cicadas; I know their "voices" well.  Perhaps it is the Cicada Killer wasps that keep trying to invade our lawn.  (While I tirelessly try to fill their holes with a specialized pesticide.)  Whatever it is, in its own way it's soothing.  (However, car alarm systems that regularly go off at the local Acura Dealership in the middle of the night are not!)

The cool mornings and nights are wonderful.  The moderately temperate days mean trips to the park for my lunch hour.  It also means (hopefully), that my electric bill will be a little lower (since I'm not using the air conditioning as much).  So I am happy with the weather.

But I am also a little leery.  As my husband pointed out to me this morning, if this is the end of July, what will the middle of November feel like?  We've had snow in October before (2011) and this past winter felt like one of the snowiest and coldest I'd ever experienced.  (Although the record keepers tell me it’s not so.)  I was, and am, ready for summer.  I like a little hot.  I expect a little hot.  It's summer.  While this reprieve has been nice, it makes me wary about what might come in the fall and fearful about the winter.  (I am not a fan of winter as it is!)

I will enjoy this fall like weather and hope that I enjoy the same when it actually IS autumn.  And if this forebodes a cold winter; I'll stock up on turtlenecks and sweaters, keep the snow blower fully fueled and hope that I'm being overly cautious.


  1. It was a cool 59 here this morning in the deep south, a little concerning but I enjoyed sleeping with the windows open last night as well. I'm going to soak it in while it lasts. They could just be saving up for a Sept heat wave!


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