Why I remember August 3rd more than August 4th

August 4th is a very important date for me.  It is the day my son was born.  It's a day I will cherish for ever.

However, the details of August 4th are very blurry.  August 3rd, however is a completely different story.  I remember so many details of the day.

The night before I had finally given up on my killer tooth ache.  I hadn't been to a dentist in way too long (because I had no dental insurance) and I could no longer take it.  I had called my husband's dentist after hours and left a message.  I needed to see somebody and SOON.

So after heading off to work on the 3rd (like any other day...of we were waiting for the impending birth which we had thought would be August 2nd, but clearly that hadn't happened), I got a call from the dentist.  They could see me at around 3 PM, was that convenient?  Well it wasn't really, but I didn't have a choice.  I needed to have this taken care of.

So after  half a day of work, I headed to the dentist.  I'd never met him before, but I have to say he was very nice and when I told him how nervous I was, he was very compassionate.  Getting a filling is never fun, but as dental experiences go it wasn't that bad.

I went home afterwards.  I remember having soup that night for dinner.  (Soup in August?!  Well my mouth was a little sore.)  I remember Steve watching an old "Smother's Brothers" (although I'm sure if it was a rerun on E! or a video) and there being a bit about the "Honey House" ("Honey" or "Honey I Miss You" being one of the great "death" songs from the 1960s.  Listen to it more than once and you'll want to kill yourself!).

We went to bed around 10 or 10:30 that night.  The phone rang around 11:15.

At that time, the phone was on my side of the bed and I fumbled to see who was calling on the caller ID box.  And Steve yelling, "Answer the phone!  You KNOW who it is."

Of course I knew who it was. With a baby about to be born, the only one who would be calling would be Angie from the Adoption Agency.

I don't remember everything that she said.  But she did say that labor had begun and that we should rest up and leave tomorrow morning.  She said that it would be a long process and that we should get some rest before the long drive the next day.

Did we rest?  Of course not?

In a panic, Steve went to the local bank's ATM.  I did laundry and called hotels in the area to try and get a room for the week.  Not easy in an resort area in the middle of summer.  And calling after 11 at night didn't make it any easier.  Place number one could only give us a room for 2 days.  Place number two didn't answer the phone. (I was beginning to know how Mary & Joseph felt!)  Number three, the Holiday Inn, was the winner.  With a very nice man named Cory, I was promised a room for as long as we needed it. (I willl be forever grateful to Cory for that as well as for his help during our stay.  I even wrote a letter to Holiday Inn to tell them what a wonderful employee they had.  Wherever you are Cory, I hope you are well and I still have that letter that you wrote and gave to us before we left.  You knew what customer service was and you were the lamp that lighted my way that night).

Room secured, you'd think I could sleep.  But neither Steve and I did much of that.  What I DID do was watch alot of "Frasier" on Channel 11 (WPIX).  Who could sleep when our baby boy was on the way?  We tried.  We dozed on and off, but...

And that's what I remember of August 3, 2005...(August 4th...well that's another story...)


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