A New Direction?

This week has been a disappointing one.  I had yet another rejection (although it was the nicest one I'd ever had) and while last week was busy with interviews, this week my phone has been deathly silent.  I realize that August is the month for vacations (and I wish I could be on one) so hence the interviewing and hiring process will be slow. But as the bills come in and the money doesn't it gets discouraging. In addition, both yesterday and today were overcast, muggy and very gray.  The perfect match for my mood.

I went out rather reluctantly for my morning walk.  I was tired and my eyes were puffy and red from a good night's melt down.  (Not proud to admit it, but I've been having more than my share of melt downs this week.  I know I have written about Faith over Fear, but it's getting difficult!). I try to mix up my walking paths and to try and take in new things, but lately I've noticed that I'm not taking the kind of joy that I once used to.  I'm plodding along and getting the exercise, but not looking around and really seeing.

I went to the park, which I do frequently, but this time I went a slightly different route.  And while I usually go clockwise around the park, I decided that I needed to take a different direction.  Simple enough, but it did "force" me to see new things.  Like the deer that came down from Lakeside Avenue and crossed over to the grass only a few feet from me.  If I'd been going my "usual" way I probably never would have seen that.  Or taking the path UP to Lakeside Avenue and then coming back down to the park walkway by the golf course.  I've NEVER done that before (and how many times have I walked around the park?).

I'm going to TRY to look in new directions and not just in my walking.  This unemployment thing is scary, so maybe it's time to look in new employment directions and not just the standard,  And if any of you out there reading this know of any one or any company looking to hire someone who will not just go in one direction...someone who is hard working and willing to explore...well, let me know.  I'm looking in all directions now and hoping that I just might stumble across something new along the way.


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